NFL Snap Count Trends Week 1


Playing time is one of the most important factors to consider for DFS football. More playing time means more fantasy points because of a players increased opportunity to gain key statistics. In this article, I’m going to breakdown all the relevant snap counts for Week 1 to help guide our picks for Week 2.

RB Snap Counts

Football Outsiders has the best tool to look at playing time on the internet, which you can find at this link. If you filter for RB, you’ll find these as the top 5.


NameOff Snap Pct
Matt Forte90%
Deangelo Williams84%
Benny Cunningham83%
Marshawn Lynch81%
Lamar Miller81%


Forte was one of the top fantasy backs the past two seasons, mostly because of his near 100% workload. He hasn’t missed a beat this year, and he should easily be one of the top fantasy backs this season. Marshawn Lynch’s usage was unsurprisingly high as well.

Deangelo Williams and Benny Cunningham are definitely two RBs that no one expected to have a top 5 workload. Deangelo Williams is filling in for the suspended Le’Veon Bell, who has one more game left to serve on his suspension. Williams is easily one of the best fantasy values of the week.

Benny Cunningham could be even better if Tre Mason and Todd Gurley continue to be out. The Rams have a commitment to running the ball and Cunningham is ridiculously good in the passing game. He draws a very soft matchup in the Washington Redskins.

Lamar Miller is another surprise, but given the Dolphins pass heavy offense, I don’t love him as much as the rest of the guys on the list.

Other guys of note: Chris Ivory only saw 33 out of 61 snaps. He split time with Bilal Powell. He continues to get less work than he deserves. Frank Gore only saw 33 out of 77 snaps. He will not have solid value without a higher workload. Danny Woodhead saw 43 out of 79 snaps despite the Chargers leading most of the game. He could see more snaps in games where the Chargers are coming from behind, and he gets lot of work in the red zone. I apologize for doubting a Woodhead supporter in the forum. Woodhead seems like a solid play moving forward.

Wide Receiver and Tight End Workload

These are moreso just notes on what I saw in snap counts and pass routes this week.

The Packers went 3 WR on every set, causing James Jones, Davante Adams, and Randall Cobb to all see nearly every snap. All 3 should be in play moving forward.

Jordan Reed played a near full workload, 30 pass routes on 37 passes. He’s extremely talented and should be even better in a good matchup.

Sammy Watkins is the only WR who saw a full workload for the Bills. Despite a quiet game, when the Bills do pass the ball, he should be a high percentage of the passing offense.

Brandon Coleman out snapped Marques Colston and ran a pass route on 42 out of 52 passing plays. This is extremely encouraging for a rookie and the 6’6″ receiver should have a ton of fantasy value. His TD expectation should be high given the correlation between height and touchdowns.

John Brown took over WR2 duties for a hurt Michael Floyd. It’s unclear if Floyd will continue to see little work or if he was simply hampered by a hand injury.

Ladarius Green and Stevie Johnson were in on nearly every pass play. Both look very good moving forward.

Tyler Eifert played the most snaps of any pass catcher on the Bengals. The tight end has a lot of talent, but the run first Bengals offense won’t offer a lot of passing fantasy points to go around.


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