NBA Daily Fantasy 4/2: Absurd Overload of Great Value Plays on DraftKings

I was scrolling through DraftKings’ NBA players last night getting ready for today’s contests and I just kept shaking my head. It’s not just that so many guys are injured that daily fantasy players can take advantage of, it’s the fact that some of them have been out for quite a while and their salaries still haven’t updated, it’s that many of the matchups are fantastic, it’s that there are 13 games to choose from and it’s that there are plenty of star players in great matchups as well.

Because of this, you’ll be playing nearly all high and low salary players. There’s only one guy I would consider between $5,000 and $7,000, because his salary is ridiculous as he’s just returned from injury.

It may seem like I’ve gone overboard with my picks, but there really are this many great plays. I definitely recommend making a variety of lineups tonight.

Here we go.

Jared Dudley $3,000 – Obviously this is only if Blake Griffin doesn’t play. Dudley started at the 4 on Monday and put up 26 FPTS in 35 minutes against the Timberwolves. He’s easily worth a play against his former team in the Suns.

Toney Douglas $3,000 – When Dwyane Wade retires, I wonder if he’ll start playing daily fantasy…

Jermaine O’Neal $3,400 – Three games in a row starting at center, and he’s still that cheap. It’s not a great matchup, but O’Neal put up 32 and 29.5 FPTS his last two games.

Brian Roberts $3,600 – I’d only use Roberts if Eric Gordon doesn’t play. Roberts’ FGAs and usage percentage are significantly up without him. He had an off game vs. the Kings, but did go over 30 FPTS in his previous two games. We all know how banged up the Nuggets, and they run the third most possessions per game with a poor defense from top to bottom.

Omer Asik $4,000 – After last night, you can bank on Asik being one of the highest, if not the highest played guy. Add that Houston is at Toronto on the second of a b2b and Terrence Jones could be back, this might actually be a fade, especially with all the other great plays. But dang, if you miss out on another 12-23 game, it could be bad. And it’s not like the Nets were a great matchup for the Rockets either.

Timofey Mozgov $4,500 – As long as the game isn’t a blowout, Mozgov is getting 30 minutes a night. In those three games, he’s put up 25.25, 34.25 and 39.5 FPTS. Those were against the Thunder, Spurs and Grizzlies, all tough matchups. Tonight, he gets the Pelicans at home and the Nuggets are -3.5.

Mike Dunleavy $4,700 – Dunleavy has had great success against the Hawks this year. Granted one of those games he played all 48 minutes, but his per 36 numbers in all three games were outstanding.

Henry Sims $4,900 – People are finding more and more offensive success against Al Jefferson as of late. Sims has been putting up around 30 FPTS a game since mid March. The 76ers are at home and only eight-point dogs. This actually is a sneaky good play.

Darren Collison $5,100 – Without Griffin, Collison went off Monday for 42.25 FPTS and had 35.25 on Friday. $5,100 is slightly undervalued with Griffin in the lineup, but without him it’s an easy play. There will be a ton of possessions going against the Suns.

Pau Gasol $5,900 – Only 28 minutes against the Trail Blazers, but still managed 29 FPTS. I expect that to change tonight vs. the Kings. It’s a great matchup, it shouldn’t be a blowout and it’s Pau Gasol, who is normally priced over $8,000. Don’t over think this.

Top plays

Rudy Gay $7,300 – Gay hasn’t been the same recently, but I’ll always buy low when one of the best scorers on the team is going against the Lakers.

DeAndre Jordan $7,600 – 48 FPTS including 24 rebounds without Griffin on Monday. Again, a high number of possessions and expect a handful of blocks.

Ty Lawson $7,700 – Lawson has struggled the last three games, but credit the Spurs and Grizzlies as the tough matchups. Lawson particularly doesn’t do well against slower-paced teams since he’s at his best in transition. He’s done very well against the Pelicans this season and you can expect him to take advantage of a short-handed Pelicans backcourt.

Nikola Vucevic $8,100 – Vucevic is on fire as of late and draws the Cavs at home. As long as Spencer Hawes doesn’t pull him away from the basket too much, he should have another big night.

Tyreke Evans $8,300 – Evans has destroyed the Nuggets this season, except for the one game he missed with his injury. He’s had two bad games in a row and since he has a high salary, people will probably stay away. Don’t. This is the perfect time for him to get back on track. No one on Denver can guard him.

Kemba Walker $8,400 – That’s three-straight games of 44 FPTS or more for Walker. He’s facing the 76ers and has played very well against them this season.

Paul George $8,700 – Again, going with the previous matchups here and George has obliterated Detroit (27th in FPTS allowed to SFs) this season. Yes, Indiana is cold, but the Pistons are colder. Indiana is -10 at home.

Joakim Noah $8,700 – Noah posted a triple-double against Atlanta earlier this season and has done well in all three previous matchups. Despite Paul Millsap’s steals and blocks, the Atlanta frontcourt can’t stop anyone right now.

DeMarcus Cousins $9,400 – Cousins gets the Lakers at home when they’re on the 2nd of a b2b? I’m calling for a 60+ FPTS game.

Anthony Davis $9,900 – 32 points, 17 rebounds, 6 blocks, 3 assists, 1 steal against Denver last time. The Nuggets are now 28th in FPTS allowed to both PF and C. Easy enough.

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