NBA Daily Fantasy 4/16: Projected Starting Lineups for Each Team

Why in the world would I talk about something as simple as projected starting lineups? This is something you can mostly find out about just tuning in before tip off, right?

Not necessarily today. First of all, all 30 teams play today, which is the only time this season it’s happened. Second, only two of the games start at 7:00 p.m. ET, which leaves a lot of time for late scratches and sometimes just starters who you wouldn’t expect (San Antonio started Damion James on Monday). Lastly, some of these games are meaningful to certain playoff teams, but some will be in full rest mode.

Here, I will examine who I think will start for each team and my confidence level for each guy on a scale of 1-to-5.

7:00 p.m. Games

Indiana at Orlando -4.5 

Indiana has the No. 1 seed locked up and Orlando is out of the playoffs. The Pacers are resting Paul George, Lance Stephenson, David West and C.J. Watson.


PG – Hill (5)

SG – Butler (3) – Played 30min vs Milwaukee and started

SF – Turner (5)

PF – Scola (4) – He’s been the primary backup at the 4 and started for 31 min vs. Milwaukee

C – Hibbert (5)


PG – Nelson (4) – No official word here. Nelson has missed the last 2 games (groin), but tonight could be his last game in a Magic uniform with only a partially guaranteed contract next season. Magic beat writer Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel does say this “could be his final game as a member of the Magic” so I’m taking that as he will play one more game in an Orlando uniform

SG – Afflalo (5)

SF – Harris (5)

PF – O’Quinn (5)

C – Dedmon (5)

Chicago at Charlotte -1

Both teams have playoff position to fight for.


PG – Hinrich (5)

SG – Butler (5)

SF – Dunleavy (5)

PF – Boozer (5)

C – Noah (5)


PG – Walker (5)

SG – Henderson (5)

SF – Kidd-Gilchrist (5)

PF – McRoberts (5)

C – Jefferson (5)

8:00 p.m. Games

Dallas at Memphis -3.5

The winner gets the No. 7 seed and faces Oklahoma City. FWIW, Memphis matches up better with Oklahoma City, and Dallas matches up better with San Antonio.


PG – Calderon (5)

SG – Ellis (5)

SF – Marion (5)

PF – Nowitzki (4.5) – Played through a sprained ankle on Saturday, but appears to be fine.

C – Dalembert (5)


PG – Conley (5)

SG – Lee (5)

SF – Prince (5)

PF – Randolph (5)

C – Gasol (5)

Atlanta at Milwaukee -4

The Hawks have the No. 8 seed locked up, and the Bucks have the most ping pong balls locked up. Per Chris Vivlamore of the Atlanta Journal-Constitutionall Hawks players will be available tonight except Paul Millsap.

No, this doesn’t mean Al Horford is playing tonight. What’s interesting here though is that they’re available. This doesn’t mean they are starting or necessarily going to play. If it was just Millsap out. Atlanta would be slightly favored.


PG – Teague (4) – There’s no sign of him resting, but with that spread, you never know.

SG – Williams (3) – Korver rested on Monday. I’d expect the same here despite being available as of now.

SF – Martin (3) – For the same reason above in reference to Carroll.

PF – Scott (5) – Millsap is out. Scott is almost always the guy to start for him.

C – Antic (5)

Utah at Minnesota -11

Nothing for either of these teams to play for.


PG – Burke (5)

SG – Hayward (5)

SF – Jefferson (5)

PF – Favors (5)

C – Kanter (5)


PG – Rubio (5)

SG – Martin (5)

SF – Brewer (5)

PF – Love (5)

C – Dieng (5)

Houston at New Orleans -3.5

Houston is locked into the No. 4 seed, so that’s why this spread is crazy. New Orleans is out of the playoffs. According to the Houston Rockets’ Twitter and coach Kevin McHale, Harden and Parsons are resting.

You never know who else may rest either.

PG – Lin (3) – Why risk further injury to Beverley? I’m guessing he rests.

SG – Garcia (4) – Garcia certainly the most likely candidate to replace Harden. Outside chance of Hamilton

SF – Casspi (4) – Parsons is resting, Casspi should be the guy. Hamilton could play the 3 too.

PF – Jones (4) – Jones doesn’t really play a ton of minutes to begin with. He should play tonight.

C – Asik (3) – If Howard was playing, I don’t think New Orleans would be favored by that much.

New Orleans:

PG – Rivers (4) – Roberts hasn’t played the last two games (ankle). There’s no official word, but what’s the point in making it worse?

SG – Evans (5)

SF – Miller (4) – You never know with the Pelicans.

PF – Ajinca (4) – See above.

C – Withey (4) – Repeat.

Detroit at Oklahoma City -13.5

Oklahoma City needs a win to lock up the No. 2 seed, and they do not want to face Golden State first round in the 3vs6 series. Detroit has nothing to play for.


PG – Jennings (5)

SG – Stuckey (4) – Smith is questionable with a knee injury, so Singler would slide up to the 3 and Stuckey would play the 2. Why would Detroit play one of the most overrated and overpaid players in the last few years? Better keep him healthy if you want to trade him.

SF – Singler (5)

PF – Monroe (5)

C – Drummond (5)

Oklahoma City:

PG – Westbrook (5)

SG – Sefolosha (5)

SF – Durant (5)

PF – Ibaka (5)

C – Perkins (5)

LA Lakers at San Antonio -9

The Spurs have the No. 1 seed locked up, and the Lakers are out of the playoffs.

LA Lakers:

PG – Marshall (5)

SG – Meeks (5)

SF – Johnson (5)

PF – Kelly (5)

C – Hill

San Antonio

PG – Joseph (4.5) – Parker left Monday’s game to ice his back. The Spurs could sign all new players from the D League and Popovich would still win this game. Even though Parker did this as a precaution and will be fine, I just can’t see Parker playing tonight.

SG – Green (4) – You never know with Pop.

SF – James (4) – Leonard rested Monday. He could easily do the same tonight.

PF – Diaw (4) – Duncan could easily rest.

C – Baynes (3) – Not sure if Splitter will rest like he did Monday, but is easily possible. But predicting Popovich’s starting lineup in this situation is very difficult. This would make a great prop bet in Vegas.

Washington -8 at Boston

The Wizards at least get the No. 6 seed with a win and could also get the No. 5 spot if Brooklyn loses. The Wizards do not want to face Miami in the 2vs7 series, so no doubt the Wizards play all out tonight. The Celtics are out of the playoffs.


PG – Wall (5)

SG – Beal (5)

SF – Ariza (5)

PF – Nene (4) – Nene is back healthy and has played three of the last four games. You’d think the Wizards would want him back starting at the 4 and tonight would be a good chance to bring him back in before the playoffs. But perhaps they want the chemistry the same with Booker at this point.

C – Gortat (5)


PG – Pressey (32.5) – Rondo is questionable. This one really could go either way.

SG – Bradley (5)

SF – Green (5)

PF – Bass (5)

C – Olynyk (5)

Brooklyn at Cleveland -7

The Nets need to win this game to lock up the No. 5 seed. However, after the way they played last night against the Knicks, there’s a part of me that thinks they want the No. 6 seed so they potentially get Miami in the 2nd round (swept them 4-0). Also, if Toronto wins, they get the No. 3 seed. So, if the Nets got the No. 6 seed, they would face Toronto and Miami as opposed to Chicago and Indiana. Basically, from a physicality standpoint, that would be a significantly beneficial path for the oldest team in the league. I’m not saying they’re definitely doing this, but given that spread, they are resting people and it’s on the second of a b2b, I’d look for the Cavs to blow the Nets out.


PG – Gutierrez (4) – He started last time Williams was out and also played 27 minutes last night. Williams is doubtful for rest.

SG – Thornton (4) – Livingston has missed the last four games (toe). His defense will be needed in the playoffs should sit this one out.

SF – Kirilenko (4) – Johnson is doubtful for rest. Kirilenko started last night.

PF – Pierce (4) – Since the Nets are limited at Forward with Teletovic not with the team to see his wife and newborn twins, I’m guessing Pierce will start. I don’t think see we’ll see much of him though.

C – Plumlee (3) – I don’t see why Garnett needs to play tonight. Rest him.


PG – Irving (5)

SG – Waiters (5)

SF – Gee (4) – Deng is out for the final game (back)

PF – Thompson (5)

C – Hawes (5)

Philadelphia at Miami -5

The Heat have the No. 2 seed locked up, and the 76ers are out of the playoffs.


PG – Carter-Williams (5)

SG – Anderson (5)

SF – Thompson (5)

PF – Young (5)

C – Sims (5)


PG – Chalmers (4.5) – I could see Chalmers resting, but no news or indication that this is actually happening.

SG – Douglas (.5) – No reason to play Wade.

SF – Beasley (4) – LeBron is resting. Beasley should start as long as Wade rests.

PF – Battier (4.5) – Battier has been the guy with Oden and LeBron out.

C – Haslem (5)

Toronto -4.5 at New York

The Raptors need to win to lock up the No. 3 seed. The Knicks are out of the playoffs.


PG – Lowry (5)

SG – DeRozan (4) – DeRozan rested Monday and he could tonight. Having said that, I don’t think they will. I don’t see much of an upside to it since there aren’t any injuries to be concerned about.

SF – Ross (5)

PF – Johnson (5)

C – Valanciunas (5)

New York:

PG – Felton (5)

SG – Smith (5)

SF – Shumpert (5)

PF – Stoudemire (5)

C – Chandler (5)

10:30 p.m. Games

Phoenix -2 at Sacramento

Both teams are out of the playoffs.


PG – Bledsoe (5)

SG – Green (4) – Moving Bledsoe to the point and putting Green back in the starting five makes the most sense. Perhaps Smith or Goodwin starts at point and Bledsoe plays the 2, but I think that’s less likely.

SF – Tucker (5)

PF – Frye (5)

C – Plumlee (5)


PG – Thomas (5)

SG – McLemore (5)

SF – Williams (4) – He started Monday to replace Gay (sore back). Gay is questionable, but there’s no reason to play him.

PF – Evans (4) – Cousins is suspended for too many technicals. Thompson should move up to the 5 and Evans gets the spot at the 4.

C – Thompson (5)

Golden State at Denver -8

The Warriors have the No. 6 seed locked up. The Nuggets are out of the playoffs. The Warriors are resting a ton of people. That’s why the spread is Denver -8. With the exception of Bogut (rib), assume all reasons are rest for the Warriors starters.

Golden State:

PG – Crawford (4.5)

SG – Blake (4.5)

SF – Barnes (5)

PF – Speights (4.5)

C – Armstrong (5)


Brooks (5)

Foye (5)

Chandler (5)

Faried (5)

Mozgov (5)

LA Clippers at Portland -3

The Clippers can get the No. 2 seed with a win and a Thunder loss. However, the Thunder are the biggest favorites of the night and Paul, Griffin and Redick are out resting (Griffin suspended for 16th technical). None of those players are even in Portland so don’t expect any last-minute changes. The Trail Blazers have the No. 5 seed locked up.

LA Clippers:

PG – Collison (5)

SG – Crawford (4.5) – You never know, but it should be Crawford.

SF – Barnes (5)

PF – Dudley (4) – Davis is the other possibility here, but assuming Aldridge rests, it makes sense for both teams to go small.

C – Jordan (5)


PG – Lillard (5)

SG – Matthews (5)

SF – Batum (5)

PF – Wright (4) – Stotts said he may rest Aldridge and Williams tonight. Look for Wright to get the start. Robinson is also a possibility.

C – Lopez (5)

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