NBA Daily Fantasy 4/14: Unusual Starters for Each Team

The NBA regular season is almost over, which means several players are resting for the playoffs or being shut down for the remainder of the season. There will be a lot of odd starting lineups in the 10 games tonight and spreads to go with it.

Here you will find the projected starting lineups for each team, which guys are unusual starters and if they are good plays or not. But remember, always check in before the games start and look for updates as there can always be late scratches this time of year.

(All salaries via DraftKings)

Boston -2.5 at Philadelphia


PG – Rondo (update: Rondo will play after being questionable)

SG – Bradley

SF – Green

PF – Bass

C – Olynyk – Humphries and Sullinger are out. Olynyk destroyed the Cavs over the weekend with 25-12-3 in 39 minutes. He’s only $3,800 and facing the 76ers. This is as good as it gets.


PG – Michael Carter-Williams

SG – James Anderson

SF – Hollis Thompson

PF – Thad Young

C – Henry Sims

Miami at Washington -5.5


PG – Chalmers

SG – Douglas – Nice value at $3,600, but there is plenty of guard depth for the Heat tonight. Even if the Wizards cross guard and put Ariza on him, he’s nothing more than a 50/50 play.

SF – Wade – Even though Wade has been resting a lot recently, he will play tonight. He’s $7,500 and could be involved a lot for obvious reasons, but Beal is a superb defender and it’s not likely Wade is going to try and go for an absurd scoring night with the playoffs starting this weekend. Plus, Wade could easily be limited tonight.

PF – Battier – Bosh is out and Battier isn’t guaranteed to start, but is certainly the most likely candidate.. But whether Battier starts or not, he’s not a good option at $3,300. His upside is very minimal.

C – Haslem – Haslem is $3,000 and has been playing some solid basketball in the last week. No Greg Oden again tonight so Rashard Lewis, Birdman and Justin Hamilton are his only competitors for playing time. Let’s also not forget that the Heat will try and win this game. Yes, Miami resting its players is more important, but it can still get the No. 1 spot in the East should the Pacers mess it up against the Magic. Haslem’s upside still isn’t very good, but I would certainly give him a 50/50 or H2H play and could get 30 FPTS tonight.


PG – Wall

SG – Beal – Beal has been feeling sick recently, but he said at shootaround today he’s good to go and made a note that playing Miami always feels like a championship game. Let’s also factor in that the Wizards are trying to hold onto the No. 6 spot so they don’t have to face the Heat or Pacers in the first round.

SF – Ariza

PF – Booker

C – Gortat

Milwaukee at Toronto -11


PG – Knight

SG – Sessions

SF – Middleton

PF – Adrien

C – Pachulia


PG – Lowry

SG – Vasquez – DeRozan is resting tonight. The starting SG hasn’t been announced yet, but Vasquez is the most likely. He’s done well starting in the past, but that’s usually when he’s at PG. At $4,800, I wouldn’t play him even though it’s against the Bucks.

SF – Ross

PF – Johnson

C – Valanciunas

Charlotte – 5 at Atlanta


PG – Walker

SG – Henderson

SF – Kidd-Gilchrist

PF – McRoberts

C – Jefferson


PG – Teague

SG – Williams – Korver is getting rest and Williams will get the start. With Jenkins out as well, this should mean good minutes for Williams who is $3,700 and playing efficient basketball as of late. Henderson is a tough matchup, but Williams should still easily perform better than his salary with an expected bump in minutes.

SF – Martin – Carroll will also rest tonight and Martin gets the start at $3,000. MKG is tough matchup up though and Martin’s stats from an efficiency or just in total standpoint isn’t very good. Of all the Hawks value plays, Martin is my least favorite.

PF – Scott – Millsap is resting as well and Scott is likely to get the start. Scott is $3,000 and should get a lot of rebounds with Millsap out and Antic out on the perimeter at times. McRoberts isn’t a great matchup and it kind of stinks that the three positions the Bobcats are great at in FPTS allowed are the three positions the Hawks are resting players at. Having said that, Scott has had some big games this season (over 35 FPTS) and with Teague as the only main scorer playing tonight, Scott could have another one of those.

C – Antic

Oklahoma City -8 at New Orleans

Oklahoma City

PG – Fisher – Westbrook will get his usual rest on the second of a b2b and Jackson is also battling a back issue. Jackson hasn’t been ruled out, but I wouldn’t get hopes up for him with OKC not able to get the No. 1 spot and should be able to take care of a shorthanded Pelicans team without him. Fisher is minimum salary and is a nice three-point bonus on DraftKings, but he doesn’t get a lot of assists or defensive stats. I’m sure he will be better than $3,000 but 25 FPTS is the most I can see him putting up with all other positions completely healthy.

SG – Sefalosha

SF – Durant

PF – Ibaka

C – Perkins

New Orleans (a lot of this is pure speculation at this point):

PG Roberts – This is a pure gut feeling at this point. Roberts is battling an ankle issue, but he needs four more free-throws to qualify for the free-throw title. If he doesn’t go, Rivers will get the start and both guys would be solid value plays here.

SG – Evans – Evans was available to play last game even though he didn’t. I’m guessing he will come back tonight since it was the only game he missed recently.

SF – Miller – Miller has been starting at the 3 instead of Aminu and I see no reason why that should change. He’s only $3,400 and has been getting 30 minutes, but he’s against Durant, which is a bad matchup. Plus if Evans comes back, the ball will be in his hands more frequently.

PF – Babbit – Babbit got the start at the 4 last game and played very well with 24-7-2. He also shoots three-pointers and could drag Ibaka away from the basket. Again, this is just speculation as New Orleans’ starters always change, but Babbit is legit with the Pelicans very beat up at the 4.

C – Ajinca

San Antonio at Houston -5 (This is an odd spread since the Spurs won’t rest anyone. However the Rockets have homecourt to play for)

San Antonio:

PG – Parker

SG – Green

SF – Leonard

PF – Duncan

C – Splitter


PG – Beverley

SG – Harden

SF – Parsons (officially now a GTD along with Garcia after being listed as probable)

PF – Jones

C- Howard

Orlando at Chicago -11.5


PG – Oladipo – No update on Nelson yet, but guessing he will be out. If he does, Oladipo gets the start. But it’s at Chicago, so don’t consider him one way or another.

SG – Afflalo

SF – Harkless

PF – O’Quinn

C – Dedmon


PG – Hinrich

SG – Butler

SF – Dunleavy

PF – Boozer

C – Noah

LA Lakers at Utah

LA Lakers:

PG – Marshall

SG – Meeks

SF – Johnson

PF – Kelly

C – Hill


PG – Burke

SG – Hayward

SF – Jefferson

PF – Favors

C – Kanter

Memphis at Phoenix -3 (Huge playoff implications here. Wouldn’t expect any surprises here.)


PG – Conley

SG – Lee

SF – Prince

PF – Randolph

C – Gasol


PG – Dragic

SG – Bledsoe

SF – Tucker

PF – Frye

C – Plumlee

 Minnesota at Golden State -7.5

PG – Rubio

SG – Martin

SF – Brewer

PF – Love

C – Dieng – Pekovic is still out. Bogut has really struggled defensively returning from injury. Bogut could sit out after suffering another injury at the end of last night’s game in OT, but it’s not like GS has been defending well at center regardless. Plus, Dieng is $6,400, which isn’t bad for someone who’s posted 49.5 and 53 FPTS his last two games.

Golden State:

PG – Curry

SG -Thompson

SF – Iguodala

PF – Lee

C – Bogut? – Golden State is one of the worst teams when it comes to getting injury ahead of time. Since Minnesota isn’t small, it’ll either be Bogut or O’Neal starting at the 5.

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