MLB Daily Fantasy Algorithmic Picks for September 30th on FanDuel

Low Salary

  • 1B – Mike Napoli – $2,200 [email protected] (1.51 P/$1,000, 3.32 Point Projection)

Napoli should play for the RvsL match up against Matt Boyd and should remain in the middle of an order projected to score 5.5 runs. The Rangers need to win this game and Detroit is just going through the motions until the season ends at this point.

  • SS – Erick Aybar – $2,300 [email protected] (1.15 P/$1,000, 2.65 Point Projection)

The Angels should be easily the highest owned players tonight as the As give Barry Zito a nostalgic start that will likely only last a couple innings. The Angels have something to play for and Aybar has been instrumental in their run. The Angels have a 5.7 run projection and Aybar will be RvsL.

  • OF – Gerardo Parra – $2,200 [email protected] (1.14 P/$1,000, 2.51 Point Projection)

Dickey has been good and Parra has been bad lately but for min price you can get a LvsR match up in Camden Yard. If Parra can recapture some of his magic from August or Dickey doesn’t have it tonight then there’s a ton of upside in a 4.2 run projected game for the Orioles.

Another right handed bat against Zito who has only thrown 3 innings in the majors this season.

High Salary

  • 1B – Albert Pujols – $3,100 [email protected] (1.23 P/$1,000, 3.81 Point Projection)

All the bats against Zito! Pujols and the Angels need to keep winning to make the play offs and Vegas, our algorithm and every other projection system thinks they will crush the hapless As at home. Pujols will be RvsL tonight with a 5.5 run projection.

  • 3B – Adrian Beltre – $3,500 [email protected] (1.09 P/$1,000, 3.80 Point Projection)

Beltre drove in the winning run last night to stop the Ranger’s from potentially sliding out of the play offs. Look for the veteran leader to continue to pace his team’s offense that is projected to score 5.5 runs against the poor control of Matt Boyd.

See Pujols.

  • OF – David Peralta – $3,200 [email protected] (1.00 P/$1,000, 3.19 Point Projection)

Bettis may be the best pitcher on the Rockies and while that doesn’t say a lot I’m not itching to use DBacks like I was last night. Still, Peralta is very good against lefties and quite affordable on FanDuel. Arizona has a 4.8 run projection in hitter friendly Chase Field.

Under the Radar Player

  • C – Buster Posey – $3,000 [email protected] (2.70 P/$1,000, 8.09 Point Projection)

Catcher is often a struggle to fill and can put your line up ahead of the pack if you get it right. Tonight I think most people will go with Jaso or Schwarber who are leading off with handedness match ups. I however, like Buster Posey. Posey has been the model of consistency this year and is hitting over .300 for the 5th straight month. He hits righties and lefties equally well and while many will look at Bolsinger’s splits against righties and pass I think that Posey has a good shot to perform against a struggling pitcher even in hitter-unfriendly SanFran.

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