Jaguars @ Chargers Game Review

Jaguars 14 @ Chargers 33


Game Summary: The game was close in the first half, but the Chargers blew the game open in the 2nd half when their offense continued to dice the Jags defense and Bortles made some key rookie mistakes.




Phillip Rivers – He was very good in this game but evaluating a QB based on how they do against the Jaguars is pretty foolish. He’s has a great season so far and he has a good matchup next week but his price is high especially on FanDuel. Still, he’s arguably been on of the best QBs in the league over the last 2 seasons.

Keenan Allen – This is the 2nd straight week Allen as played more snaps than Floyd and my sense is that Allen is clearly the #1. He was all over the field in this game and looked as dynamic as he did last season. He’s been up and down all season but against the Jets this weekend I feel he’s a very safe play.

Malcolm Floyd – Floyd has been loved by many daily fantasy players this season and each week he’s performed essentially up to his salary. His TD catch in the 3rd quarter was due more to a Rivers pass than a good route. He just doesn’t get targeted very often and I think one of the reasons is the emergence of Eddie Royal. He has a fantastic matchup next week against the Jets so he’s clearly in play, but I’ll be avoiding him otherwise.

Eddie Royal – I didn’t even think of targeting Royal in any week this season but this is the 2nd straight game he’s had 2 TDs. Several years ago Royal was the play-maker for the Broncos, racking up almost 1000 yards receiving in 2008. Then, he dropped off the face of the planet. He had a quiet, solid season last year and to my shock he’s actually only 28. Against the Jags he looked very good overall and I’m not sure his performance is really as flukey as it may seem. That being said, he’s the 3rd WR on the Chargers and plays 60-70% of snaps, so I think his price is too high on FanDuel. But on DraftKings, he’s certainly reasonable. Expect more great games from Royal this season.

Antonio Gates – Gates was a popular play this week with teammate Ladarius Green banged up. Gates actually played more snaps than usual as we predicted, but just didn’t do anything all game. No one expected Gates to be good this season, and his last 2 games have been terrible. I think his last 2 games have been indicative of what we’re likely to see from Gates for the rest of the season and I’d just avoid him from now on.

Donald Brown – What a disappointment. It’s not like the Jags run defense is any good and Brown did nothing. The Chargers run blocking didn’t seem to help him this game at all but he’s not a talented RB at all. That being said, he caught some balls and I don’t think his backup Oliver is anymore than a complimentary back. He could be a sneaky play a couple weeks from now, but not against the Jets.

Chargers D/ST – Oliver seems capable of taking one to the house on special teams. The defense seems fine overall and some offseason acquisitions (like Brandon Flowers) have certainly improved their D. I think they are a good play this week against the Jets.



Blake Bortles – While Bortles disappointed statistically, I really love this guy. For a rookie coming out of a small school this guy is polished. He has nice touch on his short passes and has a big arm as well. He also is a big guy and avoided sacks several times with his strength and elusiveness. He kind of reminds me of Ben Roethlisberger except a better runner (and obviously a worse passer, at least at the moment). Bortles faces a banged up Steelers secondary at home next week and his price is still very low, especially on DraftKings. I will definitely be playing him.

Toby Gerhart/Denard Robinson – They completely split time and Gerhart is clearly the goal-line back but I can’t recommend either of them.

Cecil Shorts – Shorts was injured again in this game and has been ruled out in week 5. He looked good at the start of the game, then disappeared.

Allen Robinson – A lot of players were high on Robinson and he was kind of a dud. He looks ok but nothing stood out. Still, against the Steelers banged up secondary he could be a solid play, it’s just hard to tell from one game.

Allen Hurns – Hurns seems to have one big play every week, this game being no exception. He basically had a long TD but bobbled the ball and had fall to the ground to secure it. I’m not sure if his hands are bad or he’s just nervous, but this is the 3rd straight week he’s bobbled or dropped a deep ball. It’s really hard to figure him out, but he was targeted more than any other wide receiver in this game. Robinson is the better prospect, but I almost feel like if Hurns was a 1st or 2nd round pick we would believe in him more. I think he’s a nice GPP play in week 5.

Clay Harbor – Was Bortles favorite target and caught 8 balls for 69 yards. I think he’s a sneaky play next week.

Jaguars D/ST – Probably the worst defense in the league, but looked good stopping the run in this game. I’d mostly target receivers against them.

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