Ground Ball/Fly Ball Indicator MLB 7/28

The ground ball/fly ball indicator worked swimmingly on Saturday, with both Billy Butler and Curtis Granderson, my top picks for the night, having epic games both being top, low usage plays, at their respective positions. While I can’t draw any real conclusions over a few games of data, it seems like I’ve had the most success with extreme fly ball hitters facing ground ball pitchers, so I’m going to put extra emphasis on that specific matchup tonight.

Ground Ball Pitchers:

A.J. Burnett (Opp – Mets)

Target: Curtis Granderson – Fly ball hitter meets ground ball pitcher once again. On Saturday, Granderson hit a double and a HR off of GB pitcher Willy Peralta. As a lead-off hitter, Granderson benefits the most off of this indicator since he will almost certainly get 3 ABs off of Burnett. The Mets aren’t projected to do that well as a team, but I’ll probably put Granderson in a few of my lineups.

Vance Worley (Opp – Giants)

Target: No one – sadly there are no strong fly ball hitters on the Giants, but I will mention that Buster Posey is a Ground Ball hitter which means he may struggle against Worley tonight. That being said Posey is cheap so I can’t recommend not playing him.

Fly Ball Pitchers:

Brett Oberholtzer (Opp – Athletics)

Target: Craig Gentry – Gentry usually moves to the top of the order against lefties, and it’s going to be hard to avoid playing him with this signal so strong. He’s an extreme ground ball hitter facing a pretty extreme fly ball pitcher, and is the only real GB hitter on the A’s. He’ll be one of my top plays tonight.

Edit: It looks like Gentry broke his hand and will not be playing. He was one of my favorite plays tonight. Oh Well.

Sadly, on the short slate of games there are no more targets. But, I think both these picks are very strong. Good luck tonight!

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