DraftKings Sunday Million Tournament Targets

Big field tournaments like DraftKing’s Sunday Million are a special type of tournament. There is a significant importance on attempting to place 1st, as well as finding good value. This means that it’s very important to pick the right type of players when constructing a tournament lineup. And by the right type of player, I mean 2 things:


1) Players who have high potential (i.e. RBs who catch passes and WRs on high-octane offenses).


2) Players who will be overlooked by the masses.



A perfect example of this was Le’Veon Bell in week 1 (Who, by the way, I mentioned as a good target on DraftKings last week With all the hoopla surronding Bell’s offseason, it seems like people forgot that he was even playing. And although his matchup wasn’t fantastic, he’s a very high potential RB with his ability to catch out of the backfield. You absolutely had to have Bell in your lineup to win the Sunday Million, which just goes to show how important a great under-the-radar play can be. So without further ado, here are a few great tournament plays for the DraftKings Sunday Million this Sunday.





Rashad Jennings ($5,100)


The Giants looked absolutely awful on Monday night vs the Lions, but one of the lone bright spots was Jennings, who got the majority of carries, scored a TD, and caught 4 balls for 50 yards. Jennings is a duel-threat which is exactly what you’re looking for on DraftKings, and Arizona’s strong secondary will probably force Eli Manning to check down to Jennings often. Jennings is also clearly the Giants goal-line back, which means a TD or 2 isn’t totally out of the question. He almost certainly will be under 10% used as well.


Shonn Greene ($3,300)


Greene has a lot of qualities that usually concern you in daily fantasy. He shares the workload at RB with 2 others. He doesn’t catch out of the backfield. However, I’m throwing those rules out the window because of Greene’s price and matchup. Dallas’s run D is just awful and Greene should get enough carries to easily surpass 100 yards (which comes in handy because of the 3 point bonus for a 100+ yard game). A TD seems incredibly likely. Even if Greene gets only 12-15 points, he’s still exceeding his salary significantly and could come in handy in a lineup that puts a lot of salary into a couple of players, like a lineup that stacks Peyton Manning and Demayrius Thomas.





Desean Jackson ($5,300)


Jackson almost certainly will be used by else than 5% of players in sunday million, and he could end up being the Le’Veon Bell of week 2. Jackson has a very mediocre game in his first start with the Redskins, but we all know of his big play potential. The Redskins are actually projected to score 25 points against the Jags, and with Jordan Reed out and RG3 resolving to staying in the pocket, that means Jackson has to be a key component of that scoring. If you watched the Jaguars game last weekend against the Eagles, you saw how poor their safeties played (they absolutely got burned in the 2nd half). It’s not out of the question that RG3 and DeSean Jackson could hook up for a couple deep bombs, and even if they don’t, Jackson should still get 6-8 receptions because there is simply no where else to go.


Jarrett Boykin ($3,000)


If Boykin gets more than 2% ownership this weekend, I’d be shocked. He was targeted 0 times in week 1, mostly due to the Packers purposely placing him on the outside so Richard Sherman would shadow him. No one is thinking about Boykin right now. But, with Eddie Lacy not practicing the Packers are going to have to go to the air a lot more in week 2, and whenever you have Aaron Rodgers throwing, anyone could have a good game. Luckily for us, Boykin isn’t just anyone, he’s actually a very talented WR and he should get plenty of targets in week 2. We saw last year with James Jones that the 3rd receiver on Green Bay can have a massive game, and I don’t see why Boykin doesn’t at least have a chance to have a big one. He’s one of my favorite under-the-radar plays for the Sunday Million.


Marqise Lee ($4,300)


Allen Hurns stole the show for Jacksonville in week 1, catching two TDs out of nowhere to be one of the highest scoring WRs week 1. Lee, however caught 6 passes for 62 yards and was targeted a lot during the end of the game. The Redskins secondary is still their biggest weakness and at $4,300 he’s a low salary play that could pay of big time.


Dwayne Allen ($4,100)
Lost in the huge performances by Julius Thomas and Zach Ertz week 1 was a solid performance by Allen, who is now the #1 TE for the Colts. With Ertz and Allen at a similar price point, Ertz will almost certainly get more play. But Allen’s Colts are projected to score a lot of points vs the Eagles, and it wouldn’t surprise me to him have a big game.


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