Daily Fantasy Winners NBA Preview: Breaking Down all 30 Teams and Players’ Salaries (Part 2)

Miami Heat

PG – Norris Cole^. FD – $4,300, DK – $4,200
SG – Dwyane Wade. FD – $8,000, DK – $7,400
SF – Luol Deng^. FD – $7,600, DK – $6,400
PF – Josh McRoberts*^. FD – $6,000, DK – 5,800
C – Chris Bosh. FD – $8,700, DK – $8,100

This is one of the most intriguing puzzles to figure out. There are a wide variety of opinions on how the Miami Heat will do. I’ve got them top four in the East, and here’s how this should break down. Chris Bosh may look overpriced, but I think he’s about right. He will play a lot more inside, which means his rebound production will go up. Dwyane Wade is a bit overpriced on FanDuel, but DraftKings has it about right. He will have more opportunities in all categories, but he will get a lot of support from his backcourt. Luol Deng will be around a $7,000 player, and you should see numbers close to what they were like in Chicago as opposed to Cleveland. Between Norris Cole, Mario Chalmers, Shabazz Napier and Danny Green, all of them should produce slightly better than most think, but Cole is fairly underpriced and should be a lot more aggressive this season without LeBron there. Side note is that Josh McRoberts is out to start the year and it’s unclear when he will return. Shawne Williams will get the start at PF for now, but I wouldn’t use him given Udonis Haslem and Chris Anderson right there.


Minnesota Timberwolves

PG – Ricky Rubio. FD – $6,800, DK – $7,400
SG – Kevin Martin. FD – $5,700, DK – $5,500
SF – Andrew Wiggins^. FD – $6,400, DK – $5,500
PF – Thad Young^. FD – $7,500, DK – $6,700
C – Nikola Pekovic. FD – $7,000, DK – $6,100

The Minnesota Timberwolves are also going under a fairly significant change too. Andrew Wiggins moves into the 3 and Thad Young takes over for Kevin Love at the 4. This one is a bit tough to project, but here’s my take. Ricky Rubio’s production will diminish without Love. Kevin Martin will stay about the same. Andrew Wiggins is a bit underpriced and has tremendous upside since he can contribute in just about every category as a two-way player, but he will have some duds. Young’s and Pekovic’s prices are about correct, although Pekovic is certainly underpriced on DraftKings.


Milwaukee Bucks

PG – Brandon Knight. FD – $6,300, DK – $6,400
SG – Jared Dudley^. FD – $3,600, DK – $3,300
SF – Jabari Parker^. FD – $6,500, DK – $6,600
PF – Ersan Ilyasova. FD – $5,900, DK – $5,200
C – Larry Sanders. FD – $6,900, DK – $5,800

Jason Kidd walks into quite a tough situation. The rotation here is a huge mystery. But this roster is better, and hopefully it will remain healthy this time. Brandon Knight should lose some production to the ample SGs (Giannis and Mayo) and Kendall Marshall now behind him, Jared Dudley might be slightly underpriced, but I honestly don’t expect much from him as appealing as that salary looks. Jabari Parker seems about right to me, but if the frontcourt starts getting hurt again, he certainly deserves a bump since he can rebound. As annoying as Ersan Ilyasova’s variance can be, he is underpriced and can put up monster numbers if given the correct matchup. Larry Sanders is overpriced on FanDuel but about right on DraftKings. You want to use him against a young and inexperienced backcourt.


New Orleans Pelicans

PG – Jrue Holiday. FD – $7,400, DK – $7,800
SG – Eric Gordon. FD – $5,900, DK – $5,200
SF – Tyreke Evans. FD – $7,400, FD – $6,600
PF – Anthony Davis. FD – $10,100, DK – $9,500
C – Omer Asik^. FD – $4,900, DK – $5,800

Last night I loved Omer Asik since most forget how this guy is easily a double-double threat when given minutes. He put up outstanding numbers while Anthony Davis went off as well. The young Orlando team certainly helped their blocked shots. Tyreke Evans and Eric Gordon’s prices seem about right. Jrue Holiday is a bit overpriced since he’s still not quite 100 percent, but he will get back to that level soon. With somewhat of a weak bench though, these starters should always get minutes.


New York Knicks

PG – Jose Calderon^. FD – $6,100, DK – $5,700
SG – Iman Shumpert. FD – $4,400, DK – $3,900
SF – Carmelo Anthony. FD – $10,200, DK – $9,400
PF – Andrea Bargnani*. FD – $5,100, DK – $4,000
C – Samuel Dalembert^. FD – $4,800, DK – $4,000

What a surprise, injuries have already started. Andrea Bargnani is out for the first three games and it could be longer. Jason Smith gets the start with Amare Stoudemire still coming off the bench. The triangle offense will take some time for the Knicks to get used to, which makes me not like anyone on the Knicks to start. Although, if you want a huge sleeper – Samuel Dalembert is a very efficient rebounder, shot blocker and can score with his size in the paint. If he gets around 30 minutes as the starting center, ride that until he’s over $5,000.


Oklahoma City Thunder

PG – Russell Westbrook. FD – $10,000, DK – $10,400
SG – Andre Roberson^. FD – $3,500, DK – $4,100
SF – Kevin Durant*. FD – $10,800, DK – $9,800
PF – Serge Ibaka. FD – $8,000, DK – $7,500
C – Steven Adams. FD – $3,800, DK – $3,500

Kevin Durant and Anthony Morrow are out for at least a month. Reggie Jackson and Jeremy Lamb are out for the first couple games. Wow. Here’s the thing though, while everyone wants to jump on Russell Westbrook, he literally has no one to work with offensively. OKC basically has 9 players. He will probably take 30 shots, but will he actually score 40 points and get assists? Doubtful. I’m not saying Westbrook is way overvalued, but I don’t think he’s great value at all. I would jump on Steven Adams, who should get a lot more work in the post and is vastly improving. Andre Roberson is a lower ceiling, but he should easily exceed salary too.


Orlando Magic

PG – Elfrid Payton^. FD – $5,600, DK – $5,200
SG – Victor Oladipo*. FD – $7,200, DK – $7,400
SF – Tobias Harris. FD – $6,400, DK – $5,800
PF – Channing Frye*^. FD – $4,900, DK – $5,400
C – Nikola Vucevic. FD – $8,100, DK – $7,600

With Victor Oladipo and Channing Frye out, Evan Fournier and Kyle O’Quinn got the starts. Look for Fournier to continue starting, but O’Quinn was probably more matchup oriented and that could change. Nikola Vucevic is healthy and crushed last night. He had almost all of his stats in the first three quarters. He’s a monster with Elfred Payton often looking to pass. Plus, Arron Afflalo


Philadelphia 76ers

PG – Michael Carter-Williams*. FD – $9,100, DK – $8,800
SG – K.J. McDaniels^. FD – $3,500, DK – $5,200
SF – Hollis Thompson^. FD – $4,500, DK – $3,800
PF – Nerlens Noel^. FD – $6,100, DK – $6,700
C – Henry Sims. FD – $5,600, DK – $5,700

With MCW out for a while, we should see a lot of Tony Wroten, and he should contribute in a lot of areas. He’s your best play out of the gate. Outside of that, Nerlens Noel should be similar to Roy Hibbert fantasy wise. He could go off with 15 points, 15 rebounds and 5 blocks, but he could also lay an egg in the wrong matchup. The rest is hard to see what will exactly happen with a big question mark surrounding this rotation.


Phoenix Suns

PG – Goran Dragic. FD – $8,100, DK – $7,300
SG – Eric Bledsoe. FD – $7,400, DK – $7,000
SF – Marcus Morris^. FD – $4,000, DK – $3,600
PF – Markieff Morris^. FD – $6,100, DK – $6,500
C – Miles Plumlee. FD – $4,700, DK – $5,500

A lot of fantasy stats to be collected with this team. I love what Eric Bledsoe brings to the table, and he should be playing PG half the time as well. He’s easily a $7,500 guy. Goran Dragic is probably a bit overpriced since some of his amazing stats were without Bledsoe and now Isaiah Thomas joins them off the bench. Markieff Morris and Marcus Morris are both the great values here. Markieff has outstanding double-double potential each night while Marcus will knock down threes.


Portland Trail Blazers

PG – Damian Lillard. FD – $8,300, DK – $8,700
SG – Wesley Matthews. FD – $5,800, DK – $6,200
SF – Nicolas Batum. FD – $7,300, DK – $7,300
PF – LaMarcus Aldridge. FD – $9,800, DK – $9,200
C – Robin Lopez. FD – $5,800, DK – $6,100

Everything with Portland stays pretty much the same. Chris Kaman is a nice addition off the bench and can put up quick numbers when healthy (which he is). I wouldn’t expect too much movement with these salaries unless an injury pops up. LaMarcus Aldridge has home run potential in the right matchup.


San Antonio Spurs

PG – Tony Parker. FD – $7,300, DK – $6,400
SG – Danny Green. FD – $4,400, DK – $4,500
SF – Kawhi Leonard. FD – $6,100, DK – $6,200
PF – Tim Duncan. FD – $7,900, DK – $7,600
C – Tiago Splitter*. FD – $4,800, DK – $5,100

The story is the same here with San Antonio. Leonard missed the opener, but he could return on Friday. Therefore, don’t expect Marco Belinelli to keep up what he’s doing. The key with the Spurs is watch out for those back-to-backs and the road trips where Pop could rest a bunch of his players.


Sacramento Kings

PG – Darren Collison. FD – $5,500, DK – $6,000
SG – Ben McLemore. FD – $4,600, DK – $5,000
SF – Rudy Gay. FD – $7,800, DK – $7,500
PF – Reggie Evans. FD – $3,500, DK – $3,000
C – DeMarcus Cousins. FD – $9,900, DK – $10,000

The Kings one big change is Darren Collison for Isaiah Thomas. I don’t think Collison will put up Thomas numbers, but Collison is a bit underpriced since he’s coming from the Clippers in a bench role. As the starting PG, he should get 35 minutes a night. It’s hard seeing anything else changing as the Kings are young at SG, have a bunch of average players at PF with Gay and Cousins being the two dominant players.


Toronto Raptors

PG – Kyle Lowry. FD – $8,500, DK – $8,100
SG – DeMar DeRozan. FD – $8,200, DK – $7,800
SF – Terrence Rosss. FD – $4,800, DK – $4,700
PF – Amir Johnson. FD – $5,300, DK – $5,400
C – Jonas Valanciunas. FD – $6,700, DK – $6,100

For all intents and purposes, Toronto is the exact same as last season. I was prepared to say Valanciunas would be a bit underpriced, but it looks like the daily fantasy sites took care of that one. Everything looks correct.


Utah Jazz

PG – Trey Burke. FD – $6,100, DK – $6,500
SG – Alec Burks^. FD – $5,100, DK – $5,900
SF – Gordon Hayward. FD – $6,700, DK – $7,400
PF – Enes Kanter. FD – $4,700, DK – $6,100
C – Derrick Favors. FD – $6,000, DK – $7,300

Now things get a bit more interesting. With Richard Jefferson gone, Gordon Hayward slides to the 3 and Alec Burks moves into the 2 spot. The Jazz also drafted Dante Exum, but we’ll see how much the rookie actually plays. I actually don’t see a ton of change here, but Burks is a bit underpriced with the promotion and Hayward’s scoring will probably go down slightly making him a bit overpriced.


Washington Wizards

PG – John Wall. FD – $8,600, DK – $9,200
SG – Bradley Beal*. FD – $7,900, DK – $6,200
SF – Paul Pierce^. FD – $5,500, DK – $6,300
PF – Nene Hilario. FD – $6,200, DK $5,500
C – Marcin Gortat. FD – $7,400, DK – $6,600

Beal is out for the first month. Nene will miss the opener with a suspension from last year’s playoffs. The one major change is Paul Pierce for Trevor Ariza. This isn’t exactly an upgrade or downgrade, but more just a different type of SF. Fantasy wise, Pierce should put up better than $6,000 numbers with Beal out. But when he comes back, his price should be about right. So taking him in the right matchup right now is a wise move.

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