Daily Fantasy Game Reviews: Eagles at Colts, Texans at Raiders

Eagles @ Colts

Game Summary:

The high score of this game seemed to have a lot to do with the pace, as both offenses struggled to move the ball consistently. The Eagles used both their RBs, McCoy and Sproles, extremely effectively, although Eagles WRs had a difficult time getting separation and catching easy balls. The Colts offensive line failed to give Andrew Luck adequate time in the pocket to be effective. Trent Richardson fumbled the ball early, causing Ahmad Bradshaw to see more time on the field.



  • After seeing the box score, I was worried that Sproles was taking away from McCoy’s effectiveness. That’s definitely not the case. The offensive line struggled at times without their best player Evan Mathis, who will be out until November. But McCoy is easily the most impressive RB in the league, showing incredible elusiveness, seemingly one missed tackle away from a TD on many plays. He seems like he’s going to be as good if not better than last year.
  • Sproles was actually quite close to a 3 TD game after being tackled just next to the end zone on two occasions. He doesn’t see that many snaps, but he’s so explosive when he does get the ball that he may not need many to reach fantasy value.
  • Nick Foles looked just awful this game, as well as the rest of the receiving core. Foles rarely threw the ball on target and often made dangerously soft throws in the middle of the field. Eagles WRs dropped the ball often or failed to make tough catches. Sproles and McCoy were the only effective players in the passing game.
  • Riley Cooper has not done anything this season, but he is getting targeted in the red zone a lot. He had 3 balls thrown to him while he was in the end zone this game, one which he probably would have caught if he did not get pass interference. He’s getting so cheap I think he’s a very reasonable play.
  • Ertz dropped one really easy pass, but otherwise looked very good. He was one of the only Eagles players to get good separation and made a few great catches for big gains.



  • Ahmad Bradshaw was the fantasy star of the Colts, grabbing 2 receiving TDs and 70 yards rushing. But the 2 TDs were on blown assignments where Bradshaw found himself wide open, and he may have gotten a larger workload because Richardson fumbled early on. Bradshaw is super cheap on Fanduel, only $5200, so he seems like a good play. He’s used a lot more than Richardson on passing downs, so it may be worth targeting Bradshaw in a game where the Colts are underdogs.
  • Andrew Luck seems like a rising star at QB, but his offensive line and receivers let him down. He got a large amount of pressure all game long, and his receivers barely got open on the majority of plays.
  • Hilton seemed to be the most effective receiver. He’s not just a deep threat, he was targeted on a lot crossing and post routes. Luck should throw for 30 TDs this year, so I expect Hilton to also have a good season.


Texans @ Raiders

Game Summary:

The Texans cruised easily on a conservative offensive game plan, with Arian Foster getting a heavy workload. Most of the starters rested in the 4th quarter. Derek Carr and the Raiders turned the ball over 4 times, and generally just looked terrible.



  • Arian Foster reminds me of Clinton Portis. He’s not an overly athletic back, but he follows his blocks really well and plays smart. He had a pretty beastly stat line despite sitting the entire 4th quarter. His price has come all the way up to $8800 on Fanduel though, so it’s probably not worth using him without a good matchup. But he has an extremely large workload this year so we should be seeing the kind of stats we saw from him just a few years ago.
  • Andre Johnson even at his old age is very impressive. He caught some really difficult balls and the Texans targeted him on a few screen passes. However, the speed simply isn’t there, and he’s probably not going to break a long one off for a TD anytime soon. If his price comes down a bit I think he’s a good pick.
  • Deandre Hopkins was also impressive, despite not being targeted very much. He caught a very difficult back shoulder throw in the end zone, scoring his only TD of the day. He played nearly every snap and if the Texans do get into a situation where they need to throw more, he may become a fantasy stud.
  • The Houston defense was very unimpressive. They failed to generate much of a pass rush outside of JJ Watt, and were lucky to be playing such an awful team that continuously shot themselves in the foot.



  • Darren McFadden got more of a workload with running back MJD out, who is questionable next week with a hand injury. McFadden looked good in the running game, but did not see the ball a lot with Oakland getting down so early. With the Raiders being double digit underdogs next week, I don’t think he’s worth a play. When MJD comes back, he won’t be worth a thought.
  • James Jones posted a great stat line, 9 catches, 112 yards, and a TD. But the truth is most of this came in garbage time and he really wasn’t all that impressive. The Raiders offense is anemic, so its going to be hard for Jones to do well week in and week out.
  • Derek Carr may become a good NFL QB, but he isn’t yet. The Raiders do not hold him back, as he threw downfield a lot, but subsequently threw near interceptions a lot as well. The 4 turnovers were no fluke, this team should continue to turn the ball over, and will be a great matchup for any opposing defense.

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