Daily Fantasy Football: Picking A Kicker On Fanduel

With Draftkings not utilizing a kicker roster spot this year, and because kicker is the cheapest and least important position to choose from, daily fantasy players will often completely overlook it or choose at random. While picking a kicker on Fanduel is not the most important roster choice you will make, it can also make your lineup a few precious points better, which could be just enough to win a big tournament like the Sunday Million. In this article, I’ll go over the main guidelines for picking a kicker.

For Thursday Contests, Go For The Dome

Weather is very unpredictable, and a lot of wind or rain is going to make field goals few and far between. That’s why its best on Thursday contests to choose a kicker who is in an indoor stadium. You can look at a list here. Anything that is domed or has a retractable roof is fine.

Long Field Goals Are Bonus Points

This often is an afterthought, but long field goals are more points than short field goals in Fanduel scoring. 40-49 yard field goals yield 4 points, while 50+ field goals yield 5 points. This not only encourages the use of kickers with big legs, but also means places like Denver, where the air is thin, can be better for picking kickers.

The Bigger The Favorite, The Better

The problem with picking kickers on teams that are big underdogs is that those teams will fall behind and will opt to go for it on 4th down rather than kick a field goal. A team that is ahead will be more inclined to take a conservative approach, and therefore should get more field goal attempts.

Pick Teams With A Big Turnover/Special Teams Advantage

Two things must occur for a field goal to happen:

1. A team must be within their opponents 40 yard line.

2. A team must not score a TD.

With that said, the absolute best kickers to pick will be on teams that will have great field position, but do not necessarily have a potent offense. That’s where turnovers and special teams advantages come into play. A turnover often results in great field position, and special teams is all about getting better field position than your opponent. What we want is the offense always getting the ball in great field position, but never sealing the deal.


  • Weather can play a big factor in field goal kicking, so choose dome kickers on Thursday contests. Always check weather of any game you pick a kicker.
  • Long field goals are worth more than short field goals so picking a kicker with a good leg is important.
  • A team that is behind often will opt to go for it on 4th down rather than kick a field goal, so make sure to not pick kickers on underdog teams.
  • Turnovers and special teams play can often give good field position, so try to target kickers in games where there is a large turnover and special teams advantage.

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