Daily Fantasy Football: FanDuel Top Plays And Values Week 7

These are my top play and top value for each position on FanDuel. There are a lot of options this week so it was hard to narrow it down, but these are the guys who were really a cut above the rest.


Top Play: Peyton Manning ($10000)

This could be a bit shocking because Manning is playing the 49ers who have one of the best defenses in the NFL. But Vegas apparently sees more than meets the eye. The Broncos have a 28.5 point projection, the highest in the league for Week 7. You know they don’t think the Broncos “special run game” is going to have a lot of success against the 49ers, so you have to think this is a “I believe in Peyton Manning” bet, and we’ll see the Broncos have most of their success in the passing game. That should mean a very good game for Manning.

People have been afraid the demise of Manning is coming, but I don’t think its going to happen anytime soon. Manning basically proved last year throwing up wobbly balls and slow passes with almost no pocket mobility that he can have the greatest season of a QB in NFL history. Why wouldn’t that continue? As his rapport continues to get better with his receiving core, I can only imagine him improving.

Top Value Play: Joe Flacco ($7700)

This really is not results oriented with Flacco getting 5 TDs in 17 minutes last week. As I wrote in my article about the Falcons, they are the worst defense in the NFL. The Ravens are a pretty balanced team as far as passing vs running the ball goes, but with Flacco so cheap he seems like one of the more solid picks from the Ravens.

Running Back

Top Play: Le’Veon Bell ($8400)

This was really hard because there are a ton of good picks this week at RB, but I think Bell is the best of the bunch. Bell is on pace for a 1400 yard rushing, 80 catch season, and has averaged a massive 5.2 yards per carry this year. He’s truly a top tier running back who has not yet got it going in the TD department (he only has 1 in 6 games this year), but the TDs should come. Houston is a team that gets run on a lot and with the Steelers at home with a high point projection I think we see Bell with a huge game.

Top Value Play: Justin Forsett ($6200)

The entire Ravens offense is good value this week facing the Falcons, and Forsett, like Flacco, is very reasonably priced. The Ravens have used Forsett as the lead back for the 2nd week in a row, and this is the 2nd week in a row they’ve blown out their opponent, so I expect more of the same. Getting a number one running back in a great matchup is one thing, getting one for value price is just stealing. Forsett is the number one point per dollar play this week.

Wide Receiver

Top Play: Demaryius Thomas ($9100)

Are we going to have to start mentioning this guy in the same vein as Randy Moss and Jerry Rice? After two ridiculous games in a row, I’m calling a 3rd. As I noted with Manning, I think the Broncos passing attack is underrated this week, and of course Thomas should get the bulk of their fantasy production.

Top Value Play: James Jones ($5500)

It’s rare you get to pick a teams WR1 for under $6000, but you continue to get that this week with James Jones. The Raiders are at home which should improve Jones’ production, but they are also facing an underrated passing matchup against the Arizona Cardinals. Don’t be fooled by Andre Holmes last week, Jones is the best WR on the team and his production will continue to show that.

Tight End

Top Play: Julius Thomas ($8600)

It was really close with me this week between Rob Gronkowski and Thomas, but I wanted to go with Thomas. If there’s anyone the 49ers have struggled with, it’s the Tight End position. On the best projected offense this week and with Peyton Manning basically only throwing the ball to the two Thomas’ we should continue to see huge production from Julius.

Top Value Play: Jordan Reed ($5400)

Jordan Reed had a injury prone rookie season, but one where he showed flashes of greatness. Reed only played about half the snaps last week after coming back from injury, but managed 8 catches for 92 yards. Reed should be in full force this week against a bad Titans defense, and expect the Redskins to use him extensively. He seemed impossible to take down last week against the Cardinals defense, I suspect the Titans will struggle with him even more. This guy has the makings of one of the top TEs in the league, so get on the train before the price gets too high. I think he’s close to Forsett as the top PPD play this week.

Defense/Special Teams

Top Play: Buffalo Bills ($5000)

The Bills have a great matchup at home against rookie QB Teddy Bridgewater, who gave up the most fantasy points to the Lions defense last week. The Bills defense is extremely good, with a great defensive line of Kyle Williams, Marcel Dareus, and Mario Williams. They should get to Bridgewater often and force a lot of turnovers.


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