College Football Daily Fantasy Week 9 Picks – Early Slate

FanDuel prices first. DraftKings prices second

(!) Injury/Starter Watch


Brandon Doughty $9,400 (FanDuel) – The matchup doesn’t get much better than this. Western Kentucky is -24 and projected for 45 points against Old Dominion. Doughty will be slinging it all over the place.

Baker Mayfield $9,100/$8,400 – This matchup is pretty sweet too, but there is a concern. Oklahoma will play at Kansas, which is undoubtedly the worst power five team this season. The Sooners are -40 and projected for 50 points. The points are good, but the line is a lot. We may only see a half or three quarters of Mayfield, and Oklahoma may run it more once they get a big lead. This is what happened last week against Texas Tech. I’d keep this to GPP only.

Dane Evans $8,300 (DraftKings) – A bit on the expensive side, but this is basically the best matchup possible for Evans. Tulsa is -2.5 at SMU, but they are projected for 38 points. SMU allows 9.9 yards per pass attempt, which is 125th in the nation.

Patrick Mahomes $9,000/$8,100 – Texas Tech is going against undefeated Oklahoma State, but the Red Raiders are only 2.5-point underdogs at home and projected for 38 points. He’s also a dual-theat QB, which adds even more to his upside.

Keenan Reynolds $8,700 (FanDuel) – You can probably figure it out by looking at the numbers, but in case you’re unfamiliar with Navy, they are a triple option team, and Reynolds is one of the best at running it in the last decade. Navy is -7 and projected for 29 points. While it may not be the biggest point projection, Reynolds has the ball in his hands a lot and always has huge upside. GPP here.

Cody Kessler $8,000/$7,900 – Kessler’s price is finally coming down a little bit, and it comes at the right time going against a Cal defense that allowed 7.7 YPPA (T87). USC is -5.5 and projected for 37 points.

Matt Davis $7,600 (DraftKings) – A dual-threat quarterback who is definitely in play this week. Despite being a 2.5-point underdog, SMU is projected for 36 points and at home against a Tulsa defense that allows 8.3 YPPA (T111).

Mason Rudolph $7,000/$7,000 – Pretty much any quarterback going against Texas Tech is going to be listed. Rudolph is still a bit too expensive in general, but Oklahoma State is projected for 41 points with a -2.5 line. He should have his best game of the year.

Brett Rypien $6,600 (DraftKings) – A cash play here. Boise State is projected for 38 points with a -20 line at UNLV. Rypien has been consistently putting up around 25 FPTS, and I think he could be a little closer to 30 this week.

C.J. Beathard $6,000/$5,600 – Beathard has been very banged up the last three games and has faced the No. 3 (at Northwestern), No. 14 (at Wisconsin) and No. 31 (Illinois) pass defenses. Iowa is off its bye week and while Beathard isn’t likely 100 percent, he’s a lot more healthy than he was at Northwestern and should display his mobility like he was earlier in the year. Iowa is back at home playing against Maryland, and they allow eight YPPA (T97). The Hawkeyes are -17 and projected for 35 points.

Kyler Murray $5,500/$5,100 – With Kyle Allen’s struggles in the last two games, Kyler Murray will now take the snaps for Texas A&M. A&M is -15.5 and projected for 36 points. Both FanDuel and DraftKings had Allen higher priced, and this is tremendous value for Murray.

Treon Harris $5,100 (DraftKings only) – Way too cheap. Not a must play by any means, but this is likely an algorithm issue from Harris being a co-starter earlier in the year.

Ryker Fyfe $4,500/$3,900 – Minimum salary on both sites, and Nebraska is projected for 31 points with a -7.5 line. Both FanDuel and DraftKings had done these prices before Tommy Armstrong was ruled out, so Fyfe is definitely underpriced. Sometimes backup quarterbacks don’t work out well and they are heavily instructed to be a “game manager,” but this is a good matchup for Nebraska and Fyfe is a solid punt option.



We have a lot of GPP running backs at the top with . There are good things to like about the guys at the top, but there is one reason to be hesitant as well. The exception to this is Jeremy McNichols on DraftKings, who is great in all formats.

Jeremy McNichols $7,900 (DraftKings) – Another outstanding matchup for McNichols. Boise State is -20 and projected for 38 points at UNLV. McNichols’ worst outing came against Idaho State when he put up 24.9 FPTS and that final score was 52-0 where he only played part of the contest. McNichols is in great shape here.

Peyton Barber $8,500/$7,400 – The good news here is that Auburn is at home and since Sean White has taken over at quarterback, Barber has put up 16.6, 44.7, 23.3 and 37.6 FPTS (FanDuel scoring). Barber has received at least 26 carries in each game. Plus, Barber did get 37.6 FPTS against a tough Arkansas rush defense. But the bad news is that the Arkansas contest went to 4 OTs and Arkansas actually held Barber to 3,2 YPC. He got an insane 37 touches and four touchdowns. This is a brutal matchup with Ole Miss as the Rebels only allow 3.1 YPC (T11), and Auburn is projected for 25 points as a seven-point undedog. Basically, the good news is that Barber gets an insane workload, this line isn’t too big and Auburn needs to pull an upset in one of its final four SEC games to make a bowl game. The bad news is that this is the toughest matchup of the year for Auburn and he is expensive. The upside is there though.

Ray Lawry $8,200 (FanDuel) – This is a weird situation and tough to get a read on. Lawry put up 24.3 and 23.2 FPTS against Florida International and Marshall respectively. The odd thing is that Old Dominion lost 12-41 and 7-27.  When ODU beat Charlotte 37-34, Lawry only got seven carries for 34 yards and wasn’t the lead running back. Given that the Charlotte contest was the only time Lawry wasn’t the lead back (and possibly there was a a temporary injury situation we are unaware of), I’m thinking of chalking that up as a fluke. For this game, ODU is a 24-point underdog and projected for 21 points. Obviously this doesn’t sound appealing, but Lawry has done well in similar spreads, and Western Kentucky allowed 4.5 YPC (T73). GPP play.

Paul Perkins $7,600/$7,100 or Soso Jamabo $6,200/$5,300 (!) – UCLA is in a really good situation as they are -23 at home and projected for 43 points. Colorado allows 5.2 YPC (T103) and whoever is the starting back should crush. Perkins is questionable and while he is on track to play this weekend, I don’t think UCLA necessarily needs him in a game like this and we are talking about a knee injury. Jamabo also has tremendous talent and did a great job filling in for Perkins to close out the Cal game with 18 touches for 79 yards and a touchdown. He also had two catches for 18 yards and could provide some PPR stats with his cheap salary. If Perkins is out, Jamabo is one of the best plays of the day, but with a 3 p.m. ET kick, we may not find out before lock. If Perkins does get the start, he should crush if he gets a full workload, but will he get a bunch of carries given that he’s already heading toward a possible GTD? If Perkins starts, GPP play. If Jamabo starts, play in all formats.

Sony Michel $7,500/$6,800 – Michel has taken over for Nick Chubb as the leading back at Georgia. While the Bulldogs are +2 and only projected for 22 points, Georgia’s quarterback situation is in shambles as they may play multiple quarterbacks and they get a vast majority of their offense on the ground. I actually like Georgia in this game and for Michel to have a big day. What’s a big day? Over 100 yards with one or two touchdowns to go with a handful of receptions as well.

Anthony Wales $7,500 (FanDuel) – Wales has taken over as the lead back on Western Kentucky and will get the tasty matchup at Old Dominion. ODU is allowing 4.3 YPC.

Samaje Perine $7,200/$6,700 – This is what happens when Oklahoma gets a huge line and a really good matchup. Even though they have turned more to the air raid offense, they will still run the ball when the matchup presents itself. Perine crushed Texas Tech on the ground last week with 29 c arries for 201 yards and four touchdowns. Oklahoma is -40 and projected for 50 points. Kansas allows 5.4 YPC (T115). I can’t promise Perine puts up last wek’s numbers, especially when he may not play the whole game, but he will have a great game.

Saquon Barkley $7,000/$6,600 – Barkley is the clear No. 1 back on Penn State. While their OL has had issues, they are -5 and projected for 24 points. Barkley has had at least 20 carries in his last two games and that should continue here.

Taquan Mizzell $7,000 (FanDuel) – It looks like Mizzell is finally the workhorse back (24 carries last week), but FanDuel did not adjust accordingly. This is bizarre since Mizzell racked up 117 yards on the ground and caught six balls for 57 yards for 20.3 FPTS that didn’t even have a touchdown. Virginia also only scored 13 points in that contest. Now Virginia is back home hosting Georgia Tech with the Cavaliers projected for 24 points at a +6 line. But, Georgia Tech allows 4.8 YPC (T89). Mizzell is definitely underpriced.

Wayne Gallman $6,800/$6,300 – The workhorse back for Clemson has posted at least 20 FPTS in two of his last three games and gone over 100 yards rushing in four games this season. He continues to be slightly underpriced. While I do think this is somewhat of a trap game for Clemson as they are trying to stay undefeated, they are still projected for 30 points with a -10.5 line.

Akrum Wadley $6,800/$5,700 – While Jordan Canzeri is out, LeShun Daniels returns to action, which is definitely noteworthy since he was the starter at the beginning of the season before suffering his ankle injury. While Daniels is third on the depth chart and Wadley is listed as the No. 1, I’m not fully convinced Wadley gets a huge workload like last week once Canzeri went down. We could see more even distribution. However, in case I am wrong and because this is such a good matchup against a weak Maryland defense, Wadley should be used some in GPPs.

Joe Mixon $6,400/$6,000 – If this were any other opponent, I wouldn’t be doing this. But since Oklahoma has the insane -40 line and projected for 50 points, we could see the freshman get a big workload after Perine takes care of business early. Definitely GPP only.

Zack Langer $5,400 (DraftKings) (!) – Langer is questionable heading into the game. If he plays, he is way too cheap. Tulsa is -2.5 at SMU, and they are projected for 38 points. This price drop comes at a perfect time as SMU gives up 5.7 YPC (T120).

Terrell Newby $6,100/$5,200 – It’s very possible with Tommy Armstrong out, Nebraska will lean heavier on the running game. This could also easily happen given that Nebraska draws a Purdue defense that allows 4.9 YPC (T94). Nebraska is -7.5 and projected for 30 points.

Tra Carson $5,700/$4,500 – My  favorite play at running back. Carson’s price has dropped way too much. First off, A&M faced three of the best rush defenses the last four weeks in Ole Miss, Alabama and Arkansas. As a result, Carson was held in check, but he clearly showed off his PPR skills and got the majority of carries. A&M now faces South Carolina at home, and the Gamecocks allow 5.3 YPC (T111). Second, A&M is -15.5 and projected for 36 points. Lastly, A&M will be switching quarterbacks this week. Every reason points toward Carson having a great game, yet FanDuel and DraftKings dropped his price significantly.

Jaylen Walton $5,400/$4,400 – Another one of my favorite plays. Ole Miss is -7.5 and projected for 33 points. Walton is the primary back and Auburn is allowing 5.2 YPC (T103). Way too cheap.

Xavier Jones $4,100 (DraftKings) – SMU is +2.5, but they are projected for 36 points at home. Tulsa gives up 5.2 YPC (T103).

Jacques Patrick $4,500/$3,500 – With Dalvin Cook out, Florida State must turn elsewhere for their running game. You never know how these things will turn out sometimes. Since Jacques Patrick is a freshman, you may not like the situation. However, there is a lot to like. Head coach Jimbo Fisher has never been shy about playing freshmen in the past and has been vocal about how Patrick is ready to go. The Seminoles are -16.5 at home and projected for 30 points.



There are an insane amount of good plays at wide receiver this week, especially theones in the $6k range.

Taywan Taylor $8,700 (FanDuel) – Even with Jared Dangerfield back, Taylor continues to obliterate the opposing defenses. Tyler Higbee being out helps too.

Kayarris Garrett $7,600 (DraftKings) – Garrett absolutely obliterated the Memphis secondary last week with 14 catches for 268 yards and three touchdowns. While he likely won’t do that again, Tulsa gets one of the best matchups of the day against SMU, and Garrett has been thriving with Keevan Lucas sidelined.

Laquon Treadwell $8,500/$6,700 – A bit expensive on FanDuel, but I’ll include him on both sites just because the matchup is good to go with his upside. Auburn’s pass defense is a bit stronger than their rush defense as they only allow 6.7 YPPA (44th), but Treadwell is arguably the best wide receiver in the NCAA.

JuJu Smith $8,000/$7,300 – Speaking of arguably the best wide receiver in the NCAA, Smith might have something to say about that. Cal gives up 7.7 YPPA (T87) and Smith runs every route in the book.

Thomas Duarte $7,100/$5,700 – Duarte is a little on the expensive side again on FanDuel, and he’s been running a bit hot in the touchdown department. However, UCLA does have a great matchup at home with Colorado having a -23 line and being projected for 43 points.

Sterling Sheapard $6,900/$6,400 – You might think this is a slam dunk, but I’d actually only go with Sheapard in GPPs. He’s turned in a couple duds in blowouts this year, and Oklahoma has the -40 line against Kansas. However, Sheapard is a stud, and he could go off against a very weak Kansas defense that allows 9.1 YPPA (124th).

Jakeem Grant $6,800/$6,500 – No need to hesitate here. This is an expected shootout and Grant has a very high floor and ceiling here.

Jared Dangerfield $6,800 (FanDuel) – Two important things to factor in here with Dangerfield. First, he was injured and not completely healthy the first few games. Second, he led the team in receiving last year. While I’m not saying he’s going to outscore Taylor in this contest, Dangerfield is a little bit underpriced in a very good matchup, especially with Higbee out.

Alex Erickson $6,600/$5,200 – With Wisconsin’s offensive line struggling and having some players on the outside injured, Erickson has been quietly thriving. The Badgers get a fantastic matchup with Rutgers and they are -20 and projected for 36 points. Rutgers is also allowing nine YPPA (T122).

Christian Kirk $6,500/$5,800 – Simply too cheap. Great matchup at home against South Carolina.

Jordan Payton $6,300/$6,400 – Again, simply too cheap. Great matchup at home against Colorado.

Joshua Atkinson $6,300 (DraftKings) – Atkinson has taken over for Lucas, and he is putting up stellar numbers. He put up 99 receiving yards against Memphis, and that was his worst performance of the season! Now he gets SMU and is only $6,300? Amazing value here.

Nelson Spruce $6,200/$5,500 – Still too cheap. Plus, if Shay Fields can’t play. he’ll get a bump since he’s been stealing some of his numbers.

Kenny Lawler $6,100/$5,700 – Cal has been dealing with a banged up running game and will need to throw quite a bit to keep up with USC. Lawler is also too cheap overall and has outstanding upside.

David Glidden $5,600/$5,000 – Oklahoma State is projected for 41 points with a -2.5 line in this expected shootout against Texas Tech. Glidden is the leading receiver and should have his best game of the season.

Courtland Sutton $4,900 (DraftKings) – The No. 1 wide receiver on SMU gets a tasy matchup against a Tulsa defense that allows 8.3 YPPA (T111). Sutton is way too cheap. DraftKings sometimes doesn’t price the smaller school players well, and Sutton along with Atkinson are perfect examples.

Josh Reynolds $5,600/$4,400 – Like all the A&M players, they have struggled the last two games against great defenses. Now they get South Carolina at home and Reynolds’ price has dropped too much.

James Washington $5,400/$4,400 – The other outside wide receiver on Oklahoma State. He could definitely go off against Texas Tech, but he’s more of a GPP option.

Matt VandeBerg $5,100/$4,700 – Simply too cheap in this great matchup at home against a Maryland defense that gives up eight YPPA (T97).

Nicholas Norris $4,800 (FanDuel) – Punt option here as Norris will surely get a few catches, but he does have the upside to easily outperform his salary in this matchup at Old Dominion without Higbee.

Tevaun Smith $4,700/$3,200 – He’s back at full strength for Iowa and has a more healthy C.J. Beathard. Great matchup against this weak Maryland secondary. More of a GPP play here.

Advice this week: Spend at quarterback, go cheap or balanced at running back and middle of the road at wide receiver.



TE is FanDuel only

There really aren’t any strong reasons for me to favor one of these guys over another from a FPTS per dollar standpoint. Therefore, it’s just a list here this week.

Jaylen Samuels $4,500

Jake McGee $4,300

Jordan Leggett $4,000

Stephern Anderson $3,900

Troy Fumagalli $3,500

Henry Krieger Coble $2,700

DeAndre Goolsby $2,300


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