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FanDuel prices 1st. DraftKings 2nd.

(!) – Injury Watch



Dak Prescott $9,200/$8,700 – Mississippi State is at home with a -11.5 spread and projected for 34 points. Prescott hasn’t been quite as dominating this season in comparison to 2014, but he’s still one of the best dual-threat quarterbacks in the nation and has outstanding upside.

Chad Kelly $8,400/$7,000 – Kelly was one of my top plays last week, but he turned in a poor performance against an average Memphis defense. Ole Miss does have another great matchup here as they’re projected for 35 points at home with a -5.5 line against Texas A&M. Both teams go up-tempo, so there will be plenty of possessions. If Kelly can avoid the interceptions and run a bit better in the touchdown department, he will be right back on track with a big game.

J.T. Barrett $8,000/$8,300 – Finally Urban Meyer makes the move to J.T. Barrett to being the starter. Granted nothing is ever set in stone with this team, but I believe Barrett will be the starter for the whole game (unless a blowout occurs). I know I’m not the only one thinking this and I am worried about usage percentage a bit here in GPPs, but since Ohio State is projected for 43 points with a -21 line against a very weak Rutgers defense, Barrett’s upside is insane. Remember, Barrett was putting up over 40 FPTS on a regular basis last season as the full time starter, and think about how often he’s getting keeping the ball on the goal line and racking up the rushing touchdowns.

Seth Collins $7,400/$6,900 – Collins hasn’t had a monster outing yet, but if he is going to have one, this is it. He runs the ball a ton (rushed 23 times for 124 yards and a touchdown last week) and has a great matchup at home against Colorado. Oregon State is -2 at home and projected for 31 points. Given that he’s been a bit unlucky in the touchdown department and this is such a great matchup, this is the time Collins could be a really good play.



There are a lot of good high priced running backs. However, all of them have one aspect working against them. I will list each one in the content and let you decide which is best, but keep in mind all these guys are good plays for your GPPs.

Leonard Fournette $10,400/$9,800 – Everything looks positive here for Fournette. LSU is -16.5, they’re projected for 42 points (a lot for an LSU game) and playing at home. Western Kentucky is also tied for 75th in yards per carry allowed and 71st in rushing yards allowed. The bad news is that not only has LSU now lost its starting fullback, they’ve also lost their starting tight end Dillon Gordon. What does this have to do with Fournette? They’re a big help to the holes Fournette gets to run through. By no means am I saying this means Fournette will struggle. Fournette is the best running back in the nation and he will still have a great game, but it is worth a note.

Devontae Booker $9,900/$8,400 – This game has the most public/smart money line of the week. Undefeated and No. 3 Utah plays at 3-3 USC. So, Utah is going to be favored, right? At least by a field goal, right? Nope. USC is -3.5. Even though I think Utah is better than people are giving them credit for, USC (+108.2) has actually been a lot better than Utah (26.8) in net yardage per game. Then of course, with the game being at USC, it explains why they are favored. In any case, USC is 63rd in yards per carry allowed and rushing yards allowed, so it’s not like Booker has a really difficult matchup and he should do well. But I do think this game will be close with USC winning in the end.

Dalvin Cook $9,900/$9,000 – Not quite like the Utah at USC game, but this line is a bit fishy as well. Undefeated Florida State visits 2-5 Georgia Tech. Yet, Florida State is only -6.5. While I do think Georgia Tech will cover, Cook goes against the 96th YPC allowed defense and 77th in rushing yards allowed per game. Cook will put up the yards, but look for Georgia Tech’s offense to have more success than you think.

Ezekiel Elliott $9,900/$8,100 – With Barrett at quarterback, that can only help Elliott in terms of the defense needing to worry about his dual-threat ability and having bigger holes to run through. However, it does hurt some in terms of red zone touchdown opportunities. On the other hand, Barrett has five rushing touchdowns in his last two games, and Elliott has three while putting up 30.4 and 36.3 FPTS. So, there’s a bit of a give-and-take there. The good news for Elliott though is that Ohio State is -21 and projected for 43 points. He will certainly have a big game here as the offensive line is finally coming together, but will he get vultured? Maybe once or twice.

Christian McCaffrey $9,400/$8,000 – The line in this game sets up really well for McCaffrey. Even though Stanford is only projected for 32 points, they are -17 at home. Washington does have a decent rush defense in that they only allow 3.4 YPC (T21) and 153.4 YPG (43rd), but again, this line looks really nice for him especially if Jake Browning can’t play for Washington.

Jeremy McNichols $7,500/$7,200 – A bit of a scary line here as Boise State is -35 and Wyoming might be the worst FBS team. But Boise State is projected for 46 points, and McNichols should be in line for a good game even if he doesn’t play the whole game.

Phillip Lindsay $5,900/$4,300 – Definitely underpriced. Lindsay is the main running back with Michael Adkins out. He had a couple brutal matchups where Colorado was getting blownout early, and he actually had a solid game last week against Arizona but somehow didn’t manage a touchdown. With Colorado only two-point underdogs going against an Oregon State defense allowing 5.3 YPC (T104) and 226.6 yards per game rushing (113th), Lindsay has amazing value this week.



JuJu Smith $8,400/$6,600 – Utah is 88th in pass defense and Smith is arguably the best wide receiver in college football.

Laquon Treadwell $8,200/$6,100 – Treadwell went off against Memphis last week and has shown how dominant he is even after his horrific leg injury last season. A&M does have a decent pass defense, but they haven’t played a passing offense this good yet.

Thomas Sperbeck $7,700/$5,700 – Sperbeck might have somewhat of a limited ceiling since this game will likely be a blowout, but he should easily meet his salary and have the potential for over 100 yards and two touchdowns.

Nelson Spruce $6,400/$5,700 – Okay, Spurce has to catch a touchdown to go with these yards now…

Shane Williams-Rhodes $5,500/$4,900 – Even though Sperbeck has more than twice the yardage as him, it’s Williams-Rhodes who leads Boise State in receptions. However, somehow and someway, Williams-Rhodes still doesn’t have a touchdown yet. He gets the yards and receptions, but like Spurce, he is definitely due for touchdowns and is underpriced.

Dorian Baker $5,200/$4,200 – Simply underpriced and Mississippi State just lost its No. 1 cornerback for the season to an ACL injury.

Garrett Johnson $3,900 (DraftKings only) – The other Kentucky outside wide receiver. He’s more expensive on FanDuel but has way too good of a price on DraftKings.

Jesus Wilson $4,500/$3,500 – Minimum salary for a Florida State wide receiver in this matchup? Good idea in order to use the more expensive players at quarterback and running back.

Carlton Agudosi $4,500/$3,000 (!) – Agudosi has been seeing good action when Leonte Carroo has been out. Carroo is listed as questionable for this game against Ohio State and is likely to be a game-time decision. If Carroll is out, Agudosi is a go.



TE is FanDuel only

Austin Hooper $3,600 – He doesn’t get the most receptions in the world, but he’s still one of the best of this slim bunch and is a very popular target for Kevin Hogan in the red zone.

Joshua Perkins $3,200 – Perkins leads Washington in receiving yards (granted it’s only 264 on the season). He should get plenty of looks as the Huskies will be throwing to keep up with Stanford.

Jacob Hollister $2,400 – Should continue to get plenty of looks as Wyoming is usually trailing and he gets a lot of garbage time catches.

Gus Walley $2,000 – Walley has missed the last few game, but is expected to return against Kentucky. Walley has been pretty solid when on the field and is a nice play at minimum salary.

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