5 Tips When Starting to Play Daily Fantasy Sports

The popularity of daily fantasy sports is skyrocketing, and it’s important you stay ahead of the curve for you to increase your chances at winning big money. If you’re like me, someone who was obsessed with regular fantasy and wanted to get into something more intriguing, the concept of being able to make new and/or multiple lineups each week is an amazing feeling. You can instantly win cash, you get to bring math skills into play and you only have to get through one week when it comes to injuries,

So, how will you get an edge? There are 5 things you can do immediately to increase your chances at winning.


1. Use Vegas lines – I can’t say this enough. Using Vegas lines will give you a much more accurate projection than whatever a TV analyst says. There can obviously an overlap, but Vegas projections are simply the best method to use to help determine the outcome of a game.


2. A general rule of thumb is 2 FPTS for every $1,000 – This applies to football. But often times we get to tinkering with our lineups and we wonder if Player A is worth the extra $1,000 over Player B. So, when you’re projecting PPR, yards and TDs when it comes to pricing, that’s a solid basic guideline to use.


3. Put players in the FLEX/UTIL who might possibly sit out – This mainly applies to DraftKings, since you can sub players after the first games start. You always want to maximize your possibilities if something doesn’t work out. If all your players aren’t in danger of sitting out with a questionable injury or game-time decision, then put someone who has the latest start time in the FLEX/UTIL. It’s not a common scenario, but it definitely can be beneficial when you don’t expect it. This is most important in basketball, since the start times are very spread out,, starting lineups can often be announced just before game time, and 82 games often lead to late scratches due to soreness or illness. It’s certainly important in football too.


4. Don’t be recently biased – It is astronomically amazing how often people are recently biased. What do I mean by this?

Rewind to January 25th of the NBA season. The Los Angeles Clippers were playing at the Toronto Raptors. In the second quarter DeMar DeRozan goes down with a foot injury. Because of this, Terrence Ross (10.9 PPG in 26.7 MIN last year) dropped 51 points in 44 minutes. Ross got this massive minute increase because the injury happened in the middle of the game, and Ross was clearly shooting it well. Ross’ price increased some for their next game against the Brooklyn Nets, but it wasn’t enough that made you afraid. DeRozan was out, so that obviously looked appealing. But given that the coaching staff always has a more balanced game plan with time to prepare when dealing with an injury, Ross had never had a game remotely even close to that before and the offense usually doesn’t revolve around him, it’s foolish to think he’ll get even close to that mark the following game. Ross scored 10 points in 33 minutes against Brooklyn and was massively overused by daily fantasy players.

This isn’t to say players will always dud after an outstanding game, but you need to be careful when picking a hot player. A lot of people do it, and they are wrong a lot of the time. Analyze each situation specifically, because fading a popular play can often be very beneficial.


5. Any information you get is beneficial to you -When I say any information, I literally mean any information. There is no such thing as overthinking a situation. There is obviously great advice out there, and I hope you find all the information here at Daily Fantasy Winners helpful.

Now, there is such a thing as getting bad opinions, ideas or incorrect concepts. However, that can work to your advantage. For example, we all have that buddy of ours who loves sports, but that person just thinks whatever happened the previous week will continue over to next week. You’re out on a Friday or Saturday night, and that person is telling you over a beer how it’s really obvious that Team A will clobber Team B, because Team A won by two TDs last week and Team B lost by committing 4 turnovers. You look up on your phone and see that Team B is actually a 3-point favorite in Vegas, despite that the popular opinion is that Team A is better. There’s a great chance team B is going to win that game, and there’s a great chance there is a player or two who will have big fantasy games.

This is a generic example. But there are plenty of times where I pull information from my friends, people I’m following on social media, several so-called “sports experts” on national TV who are just former players, etc and essentially use that to go the other way when I see probable reason that the opposite will be right. This is usually based on Vegas lines, but it can also be based on popular misconceptions from the media to the public. To be fair, there are some people on TV who are good, but the average person isn’t.

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