MLB Daily Fantasy Algorithmic Picks for September 9th on FanDuel

Low Salary

  • OF – Brandon Guyer – $2,400 TB@DET (1.26 P/$1,000, 3.03 Point Projection)

Guyer and the Rays have a 4.9 run projection on the road. He will be RvsL against a struggling, young lefty who has been crushed by right handed hitters this year. Guyer is only 2.4K and leading off and will get plenty of chances to justify paying his low price tag in Detroit tonight.

  • 3B – Todd Frazier – $2,200 PIT@CIN (1.18 P/$1,000, 2.59 Point Projection)

Frazier has 30 home runs on the season. Frazier is min price. Frazier has a RvsL match up in hitter friendly GABP. Yes, he’s been playing poorly for almost the entire second half of the season but go ahead and read the first 3 sentences again.

  • OF – Alex Gordon – $2,700 MIN@KC (1.13 P/$1,000, 3.05 Point Projection)

Gordon is back and swinging a hot bat. He’s got a LvsR match up against Pelfrey and the Royals are projected to score 4.9 runs. Pelfrey has been horrible on the road this season and Gordon’s swing and play style reminds me of Josh Hamilton circa 2012.

  • OF – Jacoby Ellsbury – $2,900 BAL@NYY (1.08 P/$1,000, 3.13 Point Projection)

Ellsbury and the Yankees have a 4.6 run projection at home in lefty friendly Yankee Stadium. Ubaldo has been struggling lately and has been mauled by the Yankees this year. He’s been a lot worse on the road and though Jimenez has posted reverse splits, Ellsbury has had a lot of success against him.

High Salary

  • 1B – Freddie Freeman – $3,700 ATL@PHI (1.00 P/$1,000, 3.69 Point Projection)

Somehow the Braves are only projected to score 4.4 runs in this one. Oh that’s right… Because they are the Braves. Luckily we can just pick Freeman however, who appears to be in for a field day with a LvsR match up against a young pitcher with a 1.96 WHIP. Sure it’s only over 49 innings but Buchanan has given up 18 runs in 5.2 innings of work over his last two starts. As always, temper expectations a bit due to variance but it looks like it might be a batting practice session for Atlanta tonight.

  • OF – Mike Trout – $4,300 LAD@LAA (.93 P/$1,000, 4.01 Point Projection)

Trout and the Angels have a 4.7 run projection against Latos tonight. After having to deal with Kershaw last night Latos’ stuff should be a welcome change. Trout has speed and power which makes him a potentially daily start. He hasn’t been driving the ball as well recently which makes me a little concerned for the health of his wrist.

  • 1B – Albert Pujols – $3,500 LAD@LAA (.92 P/$1,000, 3.21 Point Projection)

Pujols is actually quite affordable tonight on a night with cheaper than usual pitching. Pujols has mashed righties this year and though he’s been cool to start September he’s still an elite hitter.

  • C – Buster Posey – $3,600 SF@ARI (.91 P/$1,000, 3.28 Point Projection)

Posey gets a park bump in Chase Field tonight. Facing Zack Godley who is coming off a terrible start makes Posey look great at 3.6K. Godley has posted verse splits in a small sample and Posey has been killing right and left handed pitching this year.

Under the Radar Player

  • 1B – Brandon Belt – $3,000 SF@ARI (.95 P/$1,000, 2.86 Point Projection)

Posey’s team mate can go overlooked tonight with a guy like Freddie Freeman in  a fantastic match up. Belt, however, gets the same 4.3 run projection in a hitter friendly ball park. He also has a LvsR match up and adds a bit of stolen base upside as well. Belt has posted very solid numbers all year and is only 3K tonight.

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