MLB Daily Fantasy Algorithmic Picks for September 9th on DraftKings

Low Salary

  • OF – Mikie Mahtook – $2,200 TB@DET (3.69 P/$1,000, 8.12 Point Projection)

Mahtook gets another RvsL match up and is still super affordable. He’s been showing some good potential over the last few games and for such a lot price he doesn’t need to do a lot to meet value. Lobstein isn’t very good and the Rays have a 4.9 run projection.

  • 2B/3B – Hector Olivera – $2,000 ATL@PHI (3.68 P/$1,000, 7.36 Point Projection)

Olivera is min priced and facing easily the worst pitcher on the slate tonight. He’s got a lot of hype though it remains to be seen what he does in the majors. The Braves have a 4.4 run projection on the road.

  • OF – Brandon Guyer – $2,900 TB@DET (3.23 P/$1,000, 9.36 Point Projection)

Guyer and the Rays have a 4.9 run projection on the road. He will be RvsL against a struggling, young lefty who has been crushed by right handed hitters this year. Guyer is only 2.9K and leading off and will get plenty of chances to justify paying his low price tag in Detroit tonight.

  • 1B – Justin Morneau – $2,300 COL@SD (2.98 P/$1,000, 6.84 Point Projection)

Morneau is insanely cheap tonight and while the park shift is a big downgrade and the pitcher is pretty solid the price is just so low. Morneau has a lot of power and has been extremely good against right handed pitching for most of his career. He’s got great numbers against Shields over a 50 at bat sample.

High Salary

  • OF – Carlos Beltran – $3,600 BAL@NYY (2.64 P/$1,000, 9.49 Point Projection)

Beltran has another good match up tonight, especially if he stays near the top of the Yankees order. He’s better from the left side and faces a pitcher who has been bad on the road. Yankee Stadium favors lefties and New York has a 4.6 run projection.

  • 3B – Evan Longoria – $4,000 TB@DET (2.55 P/$1,000, 10.19 Point Projection)

Longoria continues his hot streak and gets yet another bad lefty pitcher. The Rays have a 4.9 run projection and the way Longoria is hitting right now means he should be heavily involved in that.

  • 3B – Josh Donaldson – $4,800 TOR@BOS (2.50 P/$1,000, 11.99 Point Projection)

Donaldson is the best run producer in baseball right now. He’s expensive but probably still under priced. With a 5.2 run projection in a park that favors right handed bats, there’s a great chance that Donaldson adds to his MLB leading BI total. Yeah it’s RvsR but Joe Kelly allows plenty of base runners for Donaldson to knock in.

  • OF – Jacoby Ellsbury – $4,200 BAL@NYY (2.41 P/$1,000, 10.11 Point Projection)

Ellsbury and the Yankees have a 4.6 run projection at home in lefty friendly Yankee Stadium. Ubaldo has been struggling lately and has been mauled by the Yankees this year. He’s been a lot worse on the road and though Jimenez has posted reverse splits, Ellsbury has had a lot of success against him.

Under the Radar Player

  • 2B – Chase Utley – $2,900 LAD@LAA (2.41 P/$1,000, 6.98 Point Projection)

A lot of people wrote Utley off this year when he got injured and his production is definitely way down. However, he’s been playing great ball since coming back and has been excellent since joining the Dodgers. Tonight he will get a LvsR match up and Utley has always been a big splits guy. Richards is good but not usually lights out.

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