MLB Daily Fantasy Algorithmic Picks for September 8th on FanDuel

Low Salary

  • 3B – Pablo Sandoval – $2,200 TOR@BOS (1.30 P/$1,000, 2.87 Point Projection)

Sandoval is min priced facing R.A. Dickey with a 4.9 run projection. Boston is at home and Sandoval has pretty much only been effective against right handed pitching.

  • OF – Brandon Guyer – $2,400 TB@DET (1.23 P/$1,000, 2.95 Point Projection)

Guyer will be leading off against a bad lefty. The Rays have a 4.6 run projection on the road against a guy who gives up a ton of home runs. Guyer has been better against lefties and has show a little pop against that handedness. Boyd gets lit up on a regular basis and is just generally terrible.

  • 3B – Evan Longoria – $3,000 TB@DET (1.17 P/$1,000, 3.50 Point Projection)

See Guyer. Longoria has RvsL and is on a power tear right now with 4 home runs in the past seven days.

  • OF – Jacoby Ellsbury – $3,000 BAL@NYY (1.07 P/$1,000, 3.20 Point Projection)

Ellsbury and the Yankees have a 4.8 run projection at home in lefty friendly Yankee Stadium. Ellsbury has been better against righties and Gausman has been much much worse on the road. If Wieters doesn’t catch then Ellsbury gets an additional bump for stolen base potential.

High Salary

  • 1B – Freddie Freeman – $3,500 ATL@PHI (.96 P/$1,000, 3.37 Point Projection)

Freeman will be LvsR against a young pitcher who is coming off his worst start of the season. Freeman is an elite hitter who remains affordable. The splits are heavily in Freeman’s favor and the Braves have a 3.9 run projection on the road.

  • C – Buster Posey – $3,500 SF@ARI (.91 P/$1,000, 3.17 Point Projection)

Posey is a beast and he gets a park bump with the trip to Arizona. Posey has hit most of his home runs against righties this year. The Giants are projected to score 4.1 runs and Chase Anderson is a guy with reverse splits.

  • OF – J.D. Martinez – $3,500 TB@DET (.88 P/$1,000, 3.08 Point Projection)

Martinez and the Tigers are projected to score 4.4 runs against the Rays. Martinez himself has reverse splits and Ramirez has big reverse splits. All this favors the TIgers’ slugger who has had a slow start to September which has lowered his price some.

  • 1B – Miguel Cabrera – $4,400 TB@DET (.87 P/$1,000, 3.83 Point Projection)

Cabrera has been a little cool recently but has great numbers against righties this year. With a 4.4 run projection and big reverse splits from Ramirez the TIgers should have plenty of offense to go around today.

Under the Radar Player

  • OF – Carlos Beltran – $3,300 BAL@NYY (.90 P/$1,000, 2.98 Point Projection)

Beltran is one of the most overlooked players on the Yankees. They have a 4.8 run projection tonight against a pitcher who is bad on the road. Beltran has moved up to the second spot in the order and has been better from the left side of the plate. His salary is at that awkward point where people may feel a pinch paying for the 38 year old outfielder.

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