MLB Daily Fantasy Algorithmic Picks for September 4th on DraftKings

Low Salary

  • 1B – C.J. Cron – $2,300 CWS@KC (2.67 P/$1,000, 7.47 Point Projection)

Cron continued his hot streak last night with 5 RBI. He’s batting clean up tonight with a RvsL match up and a 4 run projection at home. I’m a little weary of this one because Holland looks like he is back in form but Cron has been hot and is insanely cheap for his potential upside.

  • 1B/OF – Ben Paulsen – $3,400 SF@COL (2.56 P/$1,000, 8.69 Point Projection)

It’s a good sign to see Paulsen still playing with Morneau back. He is down in the order but is pretty cheap exposure to a Rockies bat tonight. A lot of people will be paying for Morneau since he’s only $200 more but Paulsen may be a more consistent option LvsR given that Morneau is sure to have some rust still.

  • 2B/3B – Jedd Gyorko – $2,700 LAD@SD (2.38 P/$1,000, 6.41 Point Projection)

If Gyorko remains neat the top of the line up he will be a very cheap option RvsL. The run projection isn’t great but Gyorko provides a little value if you want to pay up for Coors bats.

  • 3B/OF – Derek Dietrich – $2,900 NYM@MIA (2.34 P/$1,000, 6.78 Point Projection)

Dietrich can hit the long ball. Facing a pitcher who either plays very well or gets shelled he makes a pretty solid GPP option with multi position eligibility. He will be LvsR and the splits favor him.

High Salary

  • 1B – Justin Morneau – $3,600 SF@COL (3.06 P/$1,000, 11.00 Point Projection)

Morneau brings another big bat to the Rockies line up. He has a LvsR match up at home with a 5.8 run projection. He’s relatively affordable after a long layoff and has been great against right handed pitching in his career.

  • OF – Carlos Gonzalez – $5,000 SF@COL (2.58 P/$1,000, 12.89 Point Projection)

CarGo against another righty in Coors Field. After watching the game last night it’s clear he is absolutely locked onto the baseball right now. Just play him.

  • 1B – Evan Gattis – $3,700 MIN@HOU (2.51 P/$1,000, 9.28 Point Projection)

Gattis has 22 home run power and slight reverse splits. Santana shut down the Astros last time he faced them but that was at home. The ‘Stros have a 4.7 run projection tonight in Houston.

  • SS – Jose Reyes – $4,600 SF@COL (2.46 P/$1,000, 11.31 Point Projection)

Reyes will be batting second for the Rockies and has a favorable handedness match up. The best part of this one will be that Posey is not catching and Hector Sanchez is. Pencil him in for a SB here.

Under the Radar Player

  • OF – Shin-soo Choo – $3,500 TEX@LAA (2.27 P/$1,000, 7.95 Point Projection)

Choo faces a home run prone pitcher with a LvsR match up. Jered Weaver is not the pitcher who almost won the Cy Young in 2012 and the Rangers have a 4 run projection on the road. Choo has had a lot of success against Weaver in his career and hits righties well always.

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