MLB Daily Fantasy Algorithmic Picks for September 30th on DraftKings

Low Salary

  • 1B/OF – Clint Robinson – $2,500 WAS@ATL (3.23 P/$1,000, 8.07 Point Projection)

Robinson gets a LvsR match up against a bad pitcher. The Nats have a 4.2 run projection and have Harper back in the order which should generate more offense to go around. Perez has been absolutely horrible against lefties.

  • C – Carlos Perez – $2,000 OAK@LAA (2.86 P/$1,000, 5.71 Point Projection)

Min priced right handed bat against Zito. He may go way overlooked with the likes of Schwarber and Jaso leading off but Perez has a potentially high ceiling tonight and doesn’t need much to make value on a night where runs should be plenty.

  • 1B – James Loney – $2,400 MIA@TB (2.85 P/$1,000, 6.84 Point Projection)

Loney will be LvsR at home with a 4.3 run projection. He’s got pretty massive splits and Cosart is mediocre. He’s a cheap option at first base to be contrarian though his upside seems limited.

  • SS – Erick Aybar – $2,900 OAK@LAA (2.65 P/$1,000, 7.68 Point Projection)

The Angels should be easily the highest owned players tonight as the As give Barry Zito a nostalgic start that will likely only last a couple innings. The Angels have something to play for and Aybar has been instrumental in their run. The Angels have a 5.7 run projection and Aybar will be RvsL.

High Salary

  • OF – David Peralta – $4,200 COL@ARI (2.49 P/$1,000, 10.44 Point Projection)

Bettis may be the best pitcher on the Rockies and while that doesn’t say a lot I’m not itching to use DBacks like I was last night. Still, Peralta is very good against lefties and quite affordable on FanDuel. Arizona has a 4.8 run projection in hitter friendly Chase Field.

  • 2B/3B – Anthony Rendon – $3,700 WAS@ATL (2.45 P/$1,000, 9.07 Point Projection)

Rendon faces a terrible pitcher and leads off an order projected to score 4.2 runs. Rendon’s upside may be a bit limited but our algorithm does not like Perez.

  • 1B – Albert Pujols – $3,800 OAK@LAA (2.42 P/$1,000, 9.20 Point Projection)

All the bats against Zito! Pujols and the Angels need to keep winning to make the play offs and Vegas, our algorithm and every other projection system thinks they will crush the hapless As at home. Pujols will be RvsL tonight with a 5.5 run projection.

  • OF – Kole Calhoun – $3,500 OAK@LAA (2.33 P/$1,000, 8.16 Point Projection)

Calhoun has a LvsL match up and I could see him being left out of some Angels stacks because of this. However, he is affordable even with a 5.5 run projection and has the power to create a large upside if he goes off. Also, it’s unlikely Zito lasts long and most of the bats in the Angels order tonight are righties which means right handed relief.

Under the Radar Player

  • 3B – David Freese – $3,100 OAK@LAA (2.24 P/$1,000, 6.94 Point Projection)

Freese may be owned a bit tonight because I can see a lot of people stacking Angels. Outside those stacks however, I doubt he gets a ton of play. He has excellent career numbers in RvsL match ups and the Angels have a 5.5 run projection. Freese is red hot with a solid order position and is way cheaper than a lot of the top 3B options.

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