MLB Daily Fantasy Algorithmic Picks for September 2nd on DraftKings


Low Salary

  • 1B – Justin Smoak

Smoak is value at it’s finest tonight. 2.5K for a guy with plenty of power upside in hitter friendly Rodgers Center. The Blue Jays have a 5.1 run projection against a guy who has been inconsistent for the Indians.

  • OF – Grady Sizemore

Sizemore is very cheap and still at the top of the order. He has some power and will be LvsR in hitter friendly Camden Yards.

  • C – Matt Wieters

Wieters remains cheap and in the middle of the order. The Orioles have a 4.4 run projection at home and Erasmo Ramirez has struggled on the road this year.

  • 1B/3B – Pedro Alvarez

Alvarez and the Pirates get a park boost in Milwaukee tonight. He will be LvsR and has plenty of power regardless of ball park. Pittsburgh has a 4.9 run projection against a rookie making his first career start. Alvarez is only 3.3K and has 22 home runs on the year.

High Salary

  • OF – Gregory Polanco

Polanco and the rest of the Pirates look pretty good tonight against a rookie pitcher in Milwaukee. He’s got power to take advantage of Miller Park and speed to go against Lucroy. Polanco and the Pirates have a 4.9 run projection.

  • 1B/OF – Ben Paulsen

Assuming Paulsen plays he will be LvsR in Coors Field tonight. His price leaves something to be desired but he has some flexibility in position and is one of the cheaper guys in the Colorado line up. Paulsen has been good lately and all 10 of his home runs have come against righties this year.

  • OF – Carlos Gonzalez

CarGo gets a LvsR match up with a 5.5 run projection at home. He’s expensive and has been streaky this year but with 28 of his 31 home runs on the season against righties you’d be hard pressed to find a reason to sit him tonight in Coors Field.

  • OF – David Peralta

Peralta will be hitting clean up in Coors Field against right handed Jon Gray. Gray showed a lot of promise in his first starts but was shelled by the Mets and only lasted 4.1 innings against the Pirates. Gray is a young guy which makes him unpredictable and the Diamondbacks have a lot of guys capable of taking advantage of mistakes. Peralta has been great against righties and seems to play well in Coors Field. Arizona has a 5.5 run projection tonight.

Under the Radar Player

  • 3B/SS – Jed Lowrie

Lowrie has a great line up spot and has been a pretty poor performer this season. However, most of his home runs in the last three years have come against righties. The Astros have a 4.3 run projection against Taijuan Walker who may scare some people off Lowrie because he has potential to be excellent. Like most young pitchers though, he has the potential to blow up almost every week and has given up quite a few home runs.

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