MLB Daily Fantasy Algorithmic Picks for September 29th on FanDuel

Low Salary

  • OF – Jacoby Ellsbury – $2,700 BOS@NYY (1.15 P/$1,000, 3.11 Point Projection)

Despite Porcello inexplicably dominating the Yankees last time he faced them, New York has a 4.6 run projection. Ellsbury has monster numbers against Porcello in a small sample and as a lefty in Yankee Stadium he gets a bump. Ellsbury is way under priced and still rosterable with Kershaw tonight.

  • OF – Brett Gardner – $2,600 BOS@NYY (1.13 P/$1,000, 2.94 Point Projection)

Gardner will be LvsR with a 4.6 run projection at home. He’s got speed and power and the Yankees should be able to hit Porcello who gives up a lot of contact normally. He, like Ellsbury is way too cheap for the caliber of hitter he is.

  • OF – Clint Robinson – $2,200 WAS@ATL (1.12 P/$1,000, 2.46 Point Projection)

Robinson is min priced and LvsR against an inconsistent pitcher. The Nats have a 4.6 run projection and Robinson is min priced on a night with expensive pitching options.

  • OF – Alex Gordon – $2,500 KC@CWS (1.09 P/$1,000, 2.71 Point Projection)

Assuming Gordon remains near the front of the order he will be playing in a home run friendly park with strong winds to right field. Gordon will be LvsR against a pitcher who has struggled mightily this season. The Royals have a 4 run projection on the road.

High Salary

  • 1B – Paul Goldschmidt – $4,300 COL@ARI (1.02 P/$1,000, 4.38 Point Projection)

Assuming Goldschmidt returns to the line up he’s got a fantastic match up against the Rockie’s bullpen at home. You can’t ask for much else at the first base position that needs to generate big points.

  • 3B – Adrian Beltre – $3,600 DET@TEX (.98 P/$1,000, 3.53 Point Projection)

Beltre will be RvsL with a 5.1 run projection. Daniel Norris has been better lately but Beltre is having a good September and the game is in hitter friendly Texas.

  • OF – Curtis Granderson – $3,500 NYM@PHI (.94 P/$1,000, 3.28 Point Projection)

Granderson is LvsR with a 5 run projection on the road. Buchanan has been horrible for most of the year so there’s a pretty large chance for fireworks from the Mets tonight. Granderson has very significant splits against righties and some speed to go with his big power numbers in the lead off spot.

  • 1B – Freddie Freeman – $3,700 WAS@ATL (.86 P/$1,000, 3.19 Point Projection)

Freeman is rolling lately and he will have a LvsR match up against a home run prone pitcher. The Braves have a 3.9 run projection and Freeman has big splits and plenty of upside.

Under the Radar Player

  • C – Salvador Perez – $2,200 KC@CWS (.90 P/$1,000, 1.98 Point Projection)

Perez is a great and probably underused option tonight against a struggling pitcher. Most will look for Castillo, d’Arnaud, McCann, or Martin who are all more expensive with similar upside. Perez has 20 home runs this year and will be in a home run friendly park with a lot of wind at min price.

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