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Low Salary

  • OF – Jay Bruce

Bruce has a LvsR match up in a windy Wrigley Field tonight. He has moved up to the second spot in the order and the Reds have a 4.2 run projection. Haren is a guy who gives up a lot of home runs and is poor against runners. Bruce isn’t the fastest guy but he can steal when necessary.

  • 3B – Pablo Sandoval

Sandoval has another LvsR match up at home with a 4 run projection. Pineda is a bit of a wildcard pitcher who is currently on a stretch of bad games. He gives up quite a few home runs and Sandoval does have the power to make his min salary attractive even with his poor performance for most of this season.

  • 1B – Nick Swisher

Swisher brings his veteran experience to face an unproven guy in Justin Nicolino. Swisher will be batting clean up and the Braves have a 4.1 run projection at home. He’s only 2.4K and does have some sneaky power.

  • OF – Dexter Fowler

Fowler has shown a surprising amount of power this year and has plenty of speed to make him a big double threat. At only 3.1K with a 5.3 run projection, Fowler is way too cheap in the lead off spot.

High Salary

  • 1B – Anthony Rizzo

Rizzo is slumping a bit recently but is still one of the most elite hitters in the league. He and the Cubs are projected to score 5.3 runs against a young pitcher. DeSclafani has been pretty good lately but with the wind blowing in Wrigley and lots of big bats on the Cubs the chances for offense are very high. DeSclafani seems to give up homers in bunches.

  • OF – Curtis Granderson

Granderson and the Mets face Aaron Harang who is a guy we like to target a lot. In Harang’s last game pitched (also against the Mets) he gave up 3 home runs and 5 runs. Granderson beats up on righties and the Mets have a 4.8 run projection which should ensure the lead off spot plenty of at bats.

  • OF – Jacoby Ellsbury

Ellsbury has a LvsR match up against a weak righty. The Yankees have a 4.6 run projection on the road and Porcello has been very hit or miss this year. He’s been particularly weak against left handed batters and Ellsbury has absolutely destroyed Porcello in his career.

  • OF – Kyle Schwarber

Schwarber is another powerful bat LvsR against DeSclafani. Schwarber and the Cubs have a big run projection and Schwarber’s numbers against right handed pitching at excellent.

Under the Radar Player

  • 3B – Manny Machado

Machado has a RvsL match up in Camden yards. The Orioles are projected to score 4.3 runs and are facing a guy who has given up 7 home runs in only 30 innings this season.  All of these home runs have come against right handed bats. There’s plenty of mid-priced options with decent match ups at third base tonight and with a game in Coors Machado’s ownership probably wont’ be very high.

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