MLB Daily Fantasy Algorithmic Picks for September 14th on DraftKings

Low Salary

  • OF – Brian Bogusevic – $2,000 WAS@PHI (3.24 P/$1,000, 6.47 Point Projection)

Bogusevic is a min priced 3 hitter with a LvsR match up and splits to back it up. The pitcher can be pretty tough but has been much worse on the road. This would be a pretty contrarian pick and could help you roster Kershaw tonight.

  • OF – Brandon Guyer – $2,600 NYY@TB (3.07 P/$1,000, 7.98 Point Projection)

Guyer has a RvsL match up against a big splits lefty. The Rays have a 4.1 run projection and will be affordable on a night where pitching is expensive.

  • OF – Nolan Reimold – $2,600 BOS@BAL (3.05 P/$1,000, 7.94 Point Projection)

Reimold remains at the top of the line up with a RvsL match up. The Orioles are in hitter friendly Camden Yards against an up and down young pitcher. Reimold has been hot in September and has good splits against lefties. Baltimore has a 4.5 run projection.

  • OF – Mikie Mahtook – $2,400 NYY@TB (2.91 P/$1,000, 6.99 Point Projection)

Mahtook is off to a pretty solid start to his career. He has a good line up spot and is only 2.4K with a RvsL match up and a 4.1 run projection. The splits for both Sabathia and Mahtook are both in the batters favor.

High Salary

  • OF – Aaron Hicks – $3,600 DET@MIN (2.45 P/$1,000, 8.82 Point Projection)

Hicks leads off against a bad lefty at home. His numbers as a right handed batter are superior and Hicks has a good blend of speed and power. Lobstein’s splits are quite large against right handed batters.

  • 1B – Joe Mauer – $3,500 DET@MIN (2.39 P/$1,000, 8.36 Point Projection)

Mauer and the Twins have a 4.7 run projection against a weak Tiger’s pitcher. Mauer has similar splits against lefties and is quite consistent. As a lower ceiling player you are going to need Mauer to get plenty of opportunities at the plate which should be in order as the Twins have the highest run projection on the slate.

  • 1B/C – Buster Posey – $4,300 CIN@SF (2.36 P/$1,000, 10.15 Point Projection)

Posey has a solid match up against a young pitcher and his numbers RvsR this year have been fantastic. Sampson has not been very good in any of his last 5 games. The Giants have a 4.4 run projection at home.

  • 3B – Adrian Beltre – $3,700 HOU@TEX (2.36 P/$1,000, 8.73 Point Projection)

Beltre doesn’t have the best match up at pitcher. He does however, have a RvsL match up against a pitcher who does give up a decent amount of home runs. Kazmir has been much worse on the road and the Rangers have a 4.2 run projection.

Under the Radar Player

  • OF – Steven Souza – $3,300 NYY@TB (2.34 P/$1,000, 7.71 Point Projection)

Souza brings some more power to the Rays lineup. His roster spot isn’t great which will make his ownership much lower. He does have a solid RvsL match up against a home run prone pitcher. Sabathia has insane splits against righties and the Rays will have a 4.1 run projection at home.

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