MLB Daily Fantasy Algorithmic Picks for September 11th on FanDuel

Low Salary

  • 1B – Prince Fielder – $2,700 OAK@TEX (1.29 P/$1,000, 3.48 Point Projection)

Fielder has a great match up at home tonight. Chavez is not good and Fielder is killing right handed pitching, even if he has come back to earth recently. The Rangers are projected to score 5.1 runs tonight and Prince is simply way too cheap.

  • OF – Brandon Moss – $2,300 STL@CIN (1.23 P/$1,000, 2.82 Point Projection)

Moss is a boom or bust guy who can propel a line up into contention if he connects with the ball. It’s a pretty big IF but Lorenzen has been awful this year and has been mauled by left handed batters. Moss is barely above min price and the Cards have a 4.4 run projection on the road with a park bump for the hitters.

  • OF – Mitch Moreland – $2,900 OAK@TEX (1.20 P/$1,000, 2.76 Point Projection)

More lefty power against Chavez = Mitch Moreland. Chavez has been significantly worse against lefties and Moreland’s only hit against him is a home run. Big run projections in Arlington are a good sign for the Rangers hitters.

  • OF – Josh Reddick – $2,400 OAK@TEX (1.13 P/$1,000, 2.71 Point Projection)

On the other side of the game in Arlington is a very talented Reddick. He’s got power, a good line up spot and a LvsR match up against a home run prone pitcher. The A’s hitters get a park bump tonight and are projected to produce 4.4 runs.

High Salary

  • 3B – Evan Longoria – $3,400 BOS@TB (1.08 P/$1,000, 3.68 Point Projection)

Longoria is off to an incredible start to September and gets a RvsL match up. Miley is either really good or very mediocre when he pitches and Longoria and Rays have been hitting lefties well this year. Third base is pretty wide open tonight so Longoria makes a solid option with a solid match up.

  • 1B – Anthony Rizzo – $4,400 CHC@PHI (1.00 P/$1,000, 4.41 Point Projection)

Rizzo and the Cubs are projected to score 4.9 runs on the road against a rookie who has been terrible in his two big league starts. Rizzo will be LvsR and continues to mash in September.

  • 1B – Paul Goldschmidt – $4,000 LAD@ARI (.91 P/$1,000, 3.65 Point Projection)

Goldschmidt at home against a lefty. He’s still one of the best hitters in the league and the DBacks have a 4 run projection. Goldy is super cheap tonight compared to where he has been priced for most of the year.

  • OF – Shin-Soo Choo – $3,500 OAK@TEX (.89 P/$1,000, 3.10 Point Projection)

Choo is another lefty bat with pop against Chavez. He’s been playing very well in September may be one of the more contrarian pieces of the Ranger since he is $800 more expensive than Fielder and $600 more than Moreland.

Under the Radar Player

  • OF – Jay Bruce – $2,600 STL@CIN (.87 P/$1,000, 2.26 Point Projection)

Bruce has moved up to second in the Reds line up. He will be LvsR against Lackey who has been solid if not spectacular. There’s a bunch of other big run projection games and so Bruce will likely slip through the cracks. Bruce is one of the only guys who didn’t go off last night so I could see his ownership below 5% despite having a good line up spot and plenty of power upside.

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