MLB Daily Fantasy Algorithmic Picks for September 11th on DraftKings

Low Salary

  • OF – Brandon Guyer – $2,700 BOS@TB (3.57 P/$1,000, 9.64 Point Projection)

Guyer remains in the lead off spot and will be RvsL. Guyer has good numbers against lefties and is very cheap for a lead off hitter. The Rays have been very good against lefties as a team and Guyer should be involved if they get to Miley tonight.

  • OF – Nolan Reimold – $2,100 KC@BAL (3.54 P/$1,000, 7.44 Point Projection)

Reimold is barely above min price with a RvsL match up at home in Camden Yards. The Orioles have a 4.2 run projection against a bad lefty and Reimold has massive splits.

  • OF – Mikie Mahtook – $2,500 BOS@TB (3.38 P/$1,000, 8.45 Point Projection)

Mahtook continues to have solid numbers RvsL. With a good line up spot and a reasonable 3.9 run projection, Mahtook is cheap enough with some upside to pay up for pitching.

  • OF – Will Venable – $3,000 OAK@TEX (3.34 P/$1,000, 10.01 Point Projection)

If Venable stays at the top of the line up he will have a ton of upside with a 5.1 run projection. Chavez has been bad, especially vs lefties and all of Venable’s home runs have come against righties.

High Salary

  • 3B – Evan Longoria – $3,800 BOS@TB (2.87 P/$1,000, 10.92 Point Projection)

Longoria is off to an incredible start to September and gets a RvsL match up. Miley is either really good or very mediocre when he pitches and Longoria and Rays have been hitting lefties well this year. Third base is pretty wide open tonight so Longoria makes a solid option with a solid match up.

  • 3B – Adrian Beltre – $3,600 OAK@TEX (2.64 P/$1,000, 9.52 Point Projection)

Beltre is slumping lately but has a great match up. He’s done well against righties and the Rangers are primed for a huge game against Chavez. 5.1 run projection and Beltre’s recent slump will mean he is low owned most likely if you are looking for contrarian exposure.

  • OF – Austin Jackson – $3,800 CHC@PHI (2.57 P/$1,000, 9.78 Point Projection)

Keep an eye on Jackson playing in game two of the double header. If he does, however, he will face a young and struggling pitcher with a 4.9 run projection. The Cubs should put up some crooked numbers and Jackson has been excellent since joining the Cubs.

  • 1B – Prince Fielder – $4,300 OAK@TEX (2.51 P/$1,000, 10.81 Point Projection)

Fielder has a great match up at home tonight. Chavez is not good and Fielder is killing right handed pitching, even if he has come back to earth recently. The Rangers are projected to score 5.1 runs tonight.

Under the Radar Player

  • 3B – Joey Gallo – $3,300 OAK@TEX (2.56 P/$1,000, 8.44 Point Projection)

Gallo is another lefty bat on a high projection Rangers team. He’s been mediocre since returning from the DL but remember back a couple months ago and he was one of the most hyped rookies in the MLB. Gallo has a ton of power and could be a contrarian play at third base with a LvsR match up against a bad pitcher.

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