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Low Salary

  • 2B – Johnny Giavotella

Giavotella disappointed last night, somehow missing out on almost all of destruction of Colorado. He gets another shot tonight and will have a RvsL match up. The Angels are projected to score 5.5 runs in Coors Field this evening.

  • 3B/OF – Brock Holt

Holt and the Red Sox have another high projection (5.3 runs) against the terrible Miami Marlins. He will have a LvsR match up and though Koehler has reverse splits, Holt has been very consistently on base.

  • 2B/3B – DJ LeMahieu

LeMahieu and the Rockies are projected to score 5 run tonight at home against the very mediocre Matt Shoemaker. LeMahieu has reverse splits and though his power numbers are very low has tons of power behind him. His price has dropped a lot since June, making him an affordable and flexible option.

  • OF – Clint Robinson

Robinson has been awfully streaky this season. Still, he continues to be slotted in to the clean up spot in a Washington line up projected to score 4.1 runs tonight. He will have a LvsR match up against the awful Michael Lorenzen who has given up a ton of home runs.

High Salary

  • OF – Charlie Blackmon

Blackmon will have the same 5 run projection as LeMahieu. Facing a mediocre right hander Blackmon has a ton of upside at home in Coors. He’s been hitting consistently all season and still has plenty of power from the top of the order.

  • 1B – David Ortiz

Ortiz is part of that 5.2 run projection in Boston tonight. He’s got a LvsR match up which favors his splits though Koehler is reverse splitting over his career. Still, Miami has just been terrible and the Red Sox have been scoring a lot recently.

  • 1B/C – Willin Rosario

Rosario is also part of the Coors Madness tonight. He has actually posted reverse splits this season and faces a mediocre righty who is also posting reverse splits this season.

  • OF – Mookie Betts

Betts is having a great start to the month of July. He’s got a 5.2 run projection at home in Boston tonight. He will have a RvsR match up but he has actually reverse split this year and opposing pitcher Tom Koehler is also reverse splitting.

Under the Radar Player

  • 1B/3B – Carlos Santana

Santana has upside tonight starting on the left side where he hits most of his home runs. Straily is coming off a poor appearance in his first start this season and the Indians are projected to score 4.3 runs. Santana is slotted into that 5 spot tonight and provides some flexibility for under 4K.

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