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Low Salary

  • OF – Ichiro Suzuki

Ichiro continues to top this list as he remains in the lead off spot for the Marlins. His price has barely risen and his ability to knock a couple singles per game remains intact. He’s actually got long term reverse splits and faces an inconsistent lefty in Robbie Ray tonight. The run projection isn’t great but playing in Chase Field should help.

  • OF – Jake Smolinski

Smolinski has been coming on of late and is much better against lefties. He should be slotted into the line up for the As as they host lefty Felix Dubront in Oakland. Smolinski will be RvsL and the As are projected just south of 4 runs against a pitcher who has pretty serious blow up potential.

  • OF – Travis Snider

Snider find himself in the 2-hole of the Orioles line up visiting Yankee Stadium. In a great park for lefties facing a mediocre righty the match up looks really good for Snider. The Orioles are projected to score 4 runs on the road.

  • OF – Dustin Ackley

Ackley gets the call against right hander Anibal Sanchez tonight. The Mariners are projected just south of 4 runs on the road and have had their bats come alive two nights in a row. Ackley is very cheap and has played much better in July.

High Salary

  • 1B – Victor Martinez

Martinez is part of a Tiger’s lineup projected to score 4.6 runs at home. Detroit has been incredibly hot recently and Martinez has been part of a lot of big games. He will be facing an inconsistent young lefty and he has a higher batting average as a righty.

  • OF – Jacoby Ellsbury

Ellsbury still seems to be finding his swing after returning from the DL. However, he gets a stellar match up against the bad Kevin Gausman. Ellsbury will be LvsR with a 4.5 run projection at home in New York. He also likes balls low and away where Gausman tends to throw them in the strike zone.

  • OF – Matt Holliday

Holliday finally exploded after coming off the DL. The match up tonight is stellar against John Danks. Holliday will be RvsL and the Cardinals are projected to score 4.2 runs on the road.

  • 2B – Jose Altuve

Altuve is always in consideration at second base. He has a great mix of speed and pop and tonight gets a good match up against a recently recalled Joe Kelly. Kelly has been smashed by every team he has faced this year and that’s what the Astros specialize in. Some sources say it will be Wade Miley on the mound so if that is the case then Altuve will be RvsL.

Under the Radar Player

  • C – Yadier Molina

Molina joins Holliday with a great match up against John Danks. Molina’s ceiling has always been a bit lower than some other catchers but he absolutely loves the low ball which is where Danks lives. The Cardinals run projection and the return of Holliday to boost their offense makes a Cards stack look great tonight.

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