MLB Daily Fantasy Algorithmic Picks for August 7th on FanDuel


Low Salary

  • C – Victor Martinez

Martinez burst out of his slump last night and even disregarding recency bias his match up tonight is excellent. He’s incredibly cheap given how great a hitter he has been. Martinez is better as a lefty and opposing pitcher Joe Kelly has been getting crushed in every start over the last month and a half. Detroit is projected to score 4.7 runs at home.

  • OF – Anthony Gose

Gose leads off for Detroit in a LvsR match up where the Tigers are projected to score 4.7 runs. Gose has been much better against righties

  • OF – Jayson Werth

Werth gets a RvsL match up at home in a game where the Nats are projected to score 4.3 runs. Werth has not been very good in his injury riddled 2015 but facing potentially the worst pitching staff in baseball should give him a shot to break out of his struggles. He has been significantly better against lefties in his career.

  • 1B – Joe Mauer

Mauer is basically min priced thanks to his terrible start to August. His match up tonight against the rookie righty, Cody Anderson is a favorable one. The splits are in Mauer’s favor and Cleveland are projected to score 4.3 runs at home.

High Salary

  • 1B – Paul Goldschmidt

Goldschmidt’s price is incredibly low considering his season and Arizona’s 4.4 run projection. The Dbacks host a rookie pitcher who has been worse on the road and while he’s has success against right handed batters, this is Goldschmidt we are talking about at only $4K on a day with lots of expensive pitching.

  • 1B – Joey Votto

Votto is another first baseman who seems a bit under priced today. He’s got a LvsR match up in a hitter friendly ball park against a pitcher who hasn’t been very successful and has given up a ton of home runs recently. The Reds are projected to score 4.1 runs on the road.

  • OF – Lorenzo Cain

Cain gets a RvsL match up at home against John Danks with a 4.4 run projection. Danks has been bizarrely effective in three of his last four starts, including one against KC, but Danks has poor splits against righties. Cain hasn’t had much success against Danks in his career, still it’s hard not to like the power and speed he brings to the table.

  • OF – J.D. Martinez

Martinez has cooled off a little bit but has an excellent match up against the reverse splitting Joe Kelly. Martinez hits a lot of home runs and the run projection is high against a struggling pitcher.

Under the Radar Player

  • OF – Michael Brantley

Brantley has been hot recently and is moderately priced with a solid match up LvsR and a 4.3 run projection. There is a lot of potential for stolen bases here as well if Kurt Suzuki is catching.

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