MLB Daily Fantasy Algorithmic Picks for August 31st on DraftKings


Low Salary

  • 3B – Pablo Sandoval

Sandoval has a lot going for him tonight at minimum salary. He has a LvsR match up at home against a mediocre pitcher fresh off of getting shelled. Sandoval has been disappointing this year but the Sox have him slotted into the second spot in the order and are projected to score 5.1 runs.

  • OF – Carl Crawford

If Crawford plays he will be LvsR against Peavy with a 4.2 run projection. Neither Crawford or Peavy seems to be the player they once were but Crawford can still provide plenty of upside if he gets a decent line up spot. At only 2.2K he has power and speed upside.

  • OF – Ichiro Suzuki

Ichiro has a LvsR match up and is near the top of the order. For only 2.4K there isn’t a lot he needs to do to make the salary worth it. Tonight you absolutely will have to roster some cheap guys if you want solid pitching and Coors exposure.

  • 3B/SS – Marwin Gonzalez

Gonzalez is batting second against a weak lefty at home in Houston. He’s been super hot lately and plenty of pop for a short stop eligible guy. He make have some of the best upside on this list tonight at only 2.7K.

High Salary

  • OF – David Peralta

Peralta vs a righty in Coors Field. Not much else to say here with the 5.2 run projection on the road in Colorado.

  • 2B/OF – Chris Coghlan

Coghlan faces a rookie right handed at home tonight. With a 5.4 run projection and all of Coghlan’s 15 homers coming off of righties this is a great spot to slot him in.

  • 1B – David Ortiz 

Ortiz has a LvsR match up in Fenway against a mediocre pitcher. The Red Sox have a 5.1 run projection and these rivalry games have a tendency to get out of hand at times. Ortiz has 8 homers in August while hitting .341 with 21 RBI and 15 walks.

  • 3B – Jake Lamb

Lamb has a LvsR match up in Coors Field tonight. Lamb has posted good numbers against righties all year and has pop despite not showing much of it lately.

Under the Radar Player

  • 2B/3B – Justin Turner

There’s lots of options out there tonight and a lot of pitching to pay for. Turner falls in the middle area of salary and has two position eligibility. He’s been pretty bad in August but remains one of the better hitters on the Dodgers, especially against right handed pitching. Facing the aged Jake Peavy may be what Turner needs to get out of his month long rut. The Dodgers have a 4.2 run projection.

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