MLB Daily Fantasy Algorithmic Picks for August 29th on FanDuel


Low Salary

  • 1B – Prince Fielder

Fielder has a great match up tonight at home in Arlington. With a 4.5 run projection and a LvsR match up against a pitcher who has been bad on the road there is a great chance to see Texas hit the run projection. Fielder crushes righties and is still insanely cheap for his talent level.

  • OF – Josh Reddick

Reddick and the As have a 4.1 run projection on the road in Chase Field. Reddick has a LvsR match up against a guy who is only recently off the DL and who has struggled with his command for most of his career. Reddick is very affordable for his potential upside.

  • OF – Steve Pearce

Pearce will be in a great hitting environment against a weak lefty. The Orioles have a 4.5 run projection on the road and Pearce has the power to make up for his low batting average. He’s very affordable after coming off the DL and the ball should be flying again tonight in Arlington.

  • 2B – Scooter Gennett

Second is a tough spot to fill tonight, especially with lots of salary to throw at hitting. Gennett will have a LvsR match up against a weak pitcher in Miller Park and provides enough upside to justify throwing him out there at min salary in the lead off spot.

High Salary

  • 2B – Anthony Rendon

Rendon keeps finding himself on this list with some solid play over the last couple months. Tonight the Nats have a 4.7 run projection against Tom Koehler who has put up reverse splits for most of his career. The Nats have owned him this year and Rendon provides another option with upside at second  tonight.

  • OF – Justin Upton

Upton is about as streaky a hitter as they come. He’s played well in August and has 3 homers in his last 3 games. He has a RvsL match up against a weak pitcher and the Padres have a 4.6 run projection on the road.

  • 1B – Adam Lind

Lind hasn’t been a flashy play at first this year. He does however, have plenty of power despite only hitting one home run in August. He’s got a great match up LvsR against a weak pitcher in hitter friendly Miller Park. The run projection is up there at 4.6 and Lind has been quietly consistent in his production.

  • 1B – Ryan Zimmerman

Zimmerman is another guy with a RvsR match up on the Nats. The run projection is there and though Zimmerman has been poor against righties over a small sample this season his career splits are not very big. Koehler has been crushed by the Nats all year.

Under the Radar Player

  • 3B – Adrian Beltre

Beltre will be well under the radar on anything other than a Rangers stack tonight. Texas however, has a 4.5 run projection and Beltre has never split very poorly against right handed pitching. Jimenez is a guy with reverse splits and has been pretty bad on the road this year. In hitter friendly Arlington, there’s a good chance Beltre continues to anchor the Texas offense with some solid production.

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