MLB Daily Fantasy Algorithmic Picks for August 26th on DraftKings

Low Salary

  • OF – David Murphy

Our algorithm does not like Verlander at all. Murphy is one of the many Angels on this list with a 4.1 run projection on the road in Detroit. His ceiling is relatively low but what do you expect for 2.5K. Murphy will be LvsR from the clean up spot with 9 hits and 5 walks in 30 ABs vs Verlander.

  • OF – Grady Sizemore

Sizemore will be batting second against the young Tyler Duffey. He will be LvsR with a 4.1 run projection. The park is not the greatest for hitters but Sizemore is cheap and still has some pop in his bat.

  • SS – Erick Aybar

Aybar’s ceiling, like Murphy tends to be low. However, he’s a cheap option at short stop and has hit Verlander well in his career. Aybar and the Angels are projected to score 4.1 runs.

  • 3B – Lonnie Chisenhall

Chisenhall is having a big August and provides a LvsR power bat tonight for only 3K. Chisenhall is about as contrarian as it gets at third base but is facing a pitcher with absolutely enormous splits against lefties and the Indians are projected to score 4 runs tonight.

High Salary

  • OF – Yasiel Puig

Puig is batting near the top of the order against a poor performing lefty. With a 4.5 run projection in a hitters ball park there’s a good chance that Cincy’s David Holmberg continues his trend of getting lit up. Puig could very well be one of the benefactors.

  • OF – Mike Trout

Trout is batting second tonight and has the same match up as Pujols. Verlander is also pretty bad against base runners which gives Trout additional upside. The Angels have a 4.1 run projection on the road.

  • OF – Kole Calhoun

Calhoun has hit 6 home runs in August and tonight will be leading off against Verlander. With a LvsR match up and a solid run projection Calhoun’s upside is more than enough to justify his 3.8K price tag.

  • 1B – Albert Pujols

Pujols continues to hit bombs. Opposing pitcher, Justin Verlander, has actually been pretty good recently but he’s still not the overpowering guy he used to be. Pujols has been crushing righties this year and Verlander has reverse splits. He’s also been way worse at home in Detroit,.

Under the Radar Player

  • SS – Jimmy Rollins

Rollins at 36 with a .225 average on the season is pretty easy to overlook. Did you know however, that Rollins ranks in the top 10 short stops in home runs, walks, doubles and runs scored? Yes, his speed is dramatically worse than earlier in his career but for only 3.3K you can own a lead off hitter with a 4.5 run projection against an awful pitcher in a hitter’s park.

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