MLB Daily Fantasy Algorithmic Picks for August 24th on FanDuel


Low Salary

  • SS – Jhonny Peralta

Peralta gets a fantastic match up tonight with a park bump in Arizona. The Cardinals are favorites on the road with a 3.9 run projection. Everything is in his favor with a near min salary, RvsL match up and facing a pitcher with worse splits at home.

  • 3B – Pablo Sandoval

Most of Sandoval’s success this year has come from the left side. He will be LvsR against Samardzija with a 3.9 run projection. Sandoval is super cheap and Samardzija has been bad for most of the year.

  • 1B – Michael Cuddyer

With Duda headed to the disabled list Cuddyer will be playing a lot of first base. Tonight he gets an excellent match up RvsL with a 4.4 run projection. Cuddyer is on the back end of his career but can still hit the long ball and is only 2.5K.

  • OF – Brett Gardner

Gardner’s salary has dipped to 3K thanks to his August-long slump. Even with his recent struggles Gardner is one of the highest upside guys out there because of his speed and power combo. He will be LvsR with a 4.3 run projection in a park great for lefties.

High Salary

  • 1B – Jose Abreu

Abreu is our number one guy tonight at first base. He’s got a ton of power and has mashed righties this year. He gets a weak one in Joe Kelly today who has been worse against righties as well. The White Sox are projected to score 4.6 runs at home.

  • OF – Starling Marte

Marte and the Pirates have a 4.5 run projection on the road. With such a high run projection in a pitcher’s park it is clear that Vegas really dislikes Tom Koehler. Marte has been on a tear lately and Koehler has been lit up in three of his last five games.

  • C – Brian McCann

McCann gets a great match up in his home park. With a 4.4 run projection in lefty-friendly New York and a LvsR match up there is a good chance McCann is the highest used catcher on the slate.

  • OF – Adam Eaton

With a LvsR match up and a 4.6 run projection at home Eaton has a lot of upside. He’s got decent pop for a lead off guy and all of Eaton’s home runs have come against right handed pitching.

Under the Radar Player

  • 3B – Juan Uribe

Uribe is never the first name to mind when considering third basemen. Tonight however, he gets a RvsL match up against a weak lefty and one of the worst teams in the league. Adam Morgan has pretty massive splits and Uribe is great at taking advantage of mistakes.

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