MLB Daily Fantasy Algorithmic Picks for August 22nd on DraftKings


Low Salary

  • 3B/SS – Andres Blanco

Blanco has been playing well lately and flashing some power. He’s moved up to the second spot in the Phillies order and gets a solid match up against a young pitcher tonight. Blanco has been better from the right side in a small sample and will be RvsL against Justin Nicolino.

  • OF – Tyler Collins

Collins is a decent punt in the outfield tonight with a 4.5 run projection and a 2 spot in the order. He will be LvsR against Gallardo at home in Detroit.

  • 1B – Justin Bour

Bour gets a LvsR match up at home against one of the most targetable pitchers in baseball. Even the abysmal Marlins offense is projected to score 4.3 runs against Aaron Harang. Harang gives up a ton of home runs and even though the park is not ideal, it is Bour’s home stadium and size is pretty irrelevant when he connects with the ball well..

  • OF – Jeff Francoeur

Francoeur has been a pleasant surprise this year. His consistently sub 3K price tag and ability to hit the long ball gives him a great ceiling while still allowing drafters to spend at other positions. His RBI total is super low thanks to how awful the Phillies have been for most of the year but they have been playing better ball overall lately. Francoeur will be RvsL tonight in Miami.

High Salary

  • 3B – Adrian Beltre

It’s a battle of the aging vets tonight with Beltre getting a RvsL match up facing Randy Wolf. Wolf has only pitched 6 games since 2012 and the 4.5 run projection on the road for Texas shows that. The splits are in Beltre’s favor tonight and it’s pretty hard to see Wolf shutting anyone down at this stage.

  • SS – Troy Tulowitzki

Tulo is in a bit of a slump and Heaney has been great this year considering his lack of experience. Still, it’s hard not to like Tulo against a lefty for only 3.6K. The Blue Jays are favored on the road and projected to score 4.1 runs in LA against the Angels.

  • 2B/3B – Martin Prado

Prado seems a bit expensive to me but it’s hard not to like him against a pitcher in Harang who has a nearly 6 ERA on the road. Prado has a solid line up spot and the Marlins are projected to score 4.3 runs. Harang gets rocked by righties and lefties alike.

  • OF – Gerardo Parra

Parra continues his monster season even after being traded. In a great park for lefties he will be LvsR against a pitcher who has been lit up a lot by home run hitting teams. Parra and the Orioles are projected to score 4.8 runs at home and Parra will add potentially easy stolen bases to his power upside tonight against catcher, Kurt Suzuki.

Under the Radar Player

  • C – Matt Wieters

With a game at Coors featuring Nick Hundley LvsR at only 3.4K it seems doubtful that many will be on Wieters tonight since he hasn’t been hitting for a ton of power. However, not only will Wieters be potentially contrarian but his match up tonight is fantastic in hitter friendly Camden Yards. The opposing pitcher in this game has given up a lot of home runs and the Orioles are projected to score 4.8 runs.

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