MLB Daily Fantasy Algorithmic Picks for August 19th on FanDuel


Low Salary

  • OF – Chris Denorfia

Assuming Denorfia plays he will have the highest run projection outside of Coors Field. RvsL against Daniel Norris pits the veteran against a rookie who loses his command at times. With a 5.4 run projection at home there’s a great chance that Denorfia gets plenty of opportunities to score.

  • OF – Dexter Fowler

Fowler is super cheap considering the run projection at home in Wrigley. Fowler has been significantly better from the right side of the plate in his career and gets a great match up against the young Daniel Norris. The wind is blowing out in Chicago tonight pretty significantly.

  • OF – Brandon Moss

Moss is really hard to like due to his awful batting average and playing in Saint Louis. Still, facing the obsolete arm of Matt Cain with a LvsR match up and a 4.1 run projection it’s a pretty decent spot to use him. Moss has developed reverse splits this year but has the power upside to make him an alright tournament option at nearly min price.

  • C – Russell Martin

Martin is usually one of the most expensive catchers on the slate. Tonight, however he is sub $3K despite a 5.3 run projection and a RvsL match up. Martin has struggled mightily all August but remains highly powerful. Against a rookie left hander there’s a lot to like considering the home runs Adam Morgan has given up this year and Martin’s propensity to mash lefties.

High Salary

  • OF – Jayson Werth

Coming off a solid game in Colorado there’s a lot to like in Werth’s line up spot and RvsL match up. Coors makes even the struggling Werth a pretty viable option with a 5.4 run projection for the Nats.

  • 1B – Anthony Rizzo

Rizzo’s numbers against lefties are pretty absurd. With a 5.4 run projection against a young lefty and the wind blowing straight out a big game seems to be in store for the Cubs’ first baseman.

  • C – Kyle Schwarber

Our algorithm obviously really dislikes Daniel Norris. Assuming Schwarber plays tonight with a LvsL match up he will look to continue his monster month of August. Schwarber hasn’t been the best against lefties but is powerful enough to always be a threat.

  • SS – Troy Tulowitzki

Tulo gets a fantastic match up RvsL against the young Adam Morgan. With a 5.3 run projection on the road in Philly there’s plenty of great options outside of Coors Field tonight. Tulowitzki is pretty easily our favorite option on the slate tonight at short stop.

Under the Radar Player

  • 2B – Danny Espinosa

With a 5+ run projection at Coors Field, a lot of the bats are significantly inflated. Espinosa one of the cheapest options on the Nats despite batting second in the order. Espinosa has been much better against lefties during his career and De La Rosa has been awful at home this year.

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