Mad Max’s GPP Rundown (Turbo Edition)

I’m in Arizona because of a personal matter, but I did find some time this morning to look at a few things and give some thoughts. This article won’t be long but I’ll try to give as much information as possible.


Pitchers I Love

Chris Sale – Sale is legitimately a top 3 pitcher in baseball and although he’s on the road he has a fantastic matchup from a strikeout standpoint. The Mariners are going to put a few lefties in this lineup and Sale is absolutely dominant against them, and the righties they do put in are high strikeout guys. He costs a lot on both sites but even with a Coors game I recommend paying up for him. He’s the best pitcher by a significant margin tonight.

Felix Hernandez – He’s coming off just an awful start, and even before that we knew he wasn’t the same dominant guy he was in the past if you took a close look at his peripherals. Still, his price on DraftKings ($9,900) is ridiculous, especially given a quality match up at home.

Justin Verlander – Verlander is back! With several quality starts in a row since his return from the DL, he looks like a very legit fantasy play. He doesn’t have the perfect match up here against the Rangers, but his price on DraftKings has not caught up with his performances at all. He’s still $7,300, a bargain you absolutely need for tonight with a Rockies game with an 11 o/u.


Pitchers I Hate

Johnny Cueto – He’s not a guy who strikes a lot of people out anyway, and the Red Sox are a pretty disciplined lineup. The upside just isn’t there and there’s always blow up potential on the road, against a good lineup, and at Fenway.

John Lackey – I get the sense Lackey will get some usage with DFSer’s desperate to save salary tonight, but he just doesn’t have the upside here and I don’t love him on the road.


Teams to Target

Let me just preface this by saying it’s going to be tough to stack tonight if you go with Sale, even though I think you should absolutely be making lineups with Sale. Instead of trying to save money at pitcher by going with a sub-optimal player, I think you should try to save money by using a high value min-salary hitter. One guy I like if he plays is Cory Spangenberg, who’s very cheap and has upside as a stolen base threat. Also Alex Rios, who usually bats toward the bottom of the order but who’s DK price of $2,900 is hard to beat. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly who will be the min-salary guys to target until lineups come out, so keep on the lookout.

Edit: Another guy I’m seeing, Pablo Sandoval ($2,700) batting 2nd. That’s great upside for someone at that price and place in the batting order despite facing a solid pitcher.

The Colorado Rockies – Obviously choice here, but I do like them better than the Mets. Jon Gray is actually a quality young pitcher, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mets have a bit of a hard time against him as long as he goes innings.

The Mets – Despite what I just said I trust sportsbooks and they project the Mets very highly.

The Royals – A bunch of SB threats at a great hitters park is a total nightmare for a young lefty.

The Orioles – Huge run projection, don’t be afraid to target lefites as Milone has reverse splits over a large sample.

Under the Radar

The D-Backs – Dave Holmberg is awful and the Diamondbacks righties should dominate. Great American Ball Park is a step down from Chase Field in terms of hitting, but not by much.

The Dodgers – Mike Fiers is a huge fly ball pitcher and the Dodgers have a ton of power threats. I could see him getting wrecked.

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