DraftKings Algorithmic Picks (9/25)

Points Per $1000PositionNameSalaryGameInfoPPD*Salary/1000Points Projection
3.0695622132BChase Utley3800LAD@Col 08:10PM ET4.73051307311.66433641
3.406517201OFAndre Ethier3800LAD@Col 08:10PM ET5.24979558412.94476536
2.4426077072B/3BAnthony Rendon3900Phi@Was 07:05PM ET3.813520069.526170056
Points Per $1000PositionNameSalaryGameInfoPPD*Salary/1000Points Projection
3.02022701OFCorey Dickerson4000LAD@Col 08:10PM ET4.77539820112.08090804
2.5881011281BAdrian Gonzalez5300LAD@Col 08:10PM ET4.71041515313.71693598
2.752103988OFCarlos Gonzalez4500LAD@Col 08:10PM ET4.61541869912.38446795

Low Salary

Chase Utley – Priced way too reasonably at Coors for a hitter of his skill.

Andre Ethier – Priced equally as well as Utley, but a better hitter and his points per $1,000 are off the charts at Coors.

Anthony Rendon – A solid hitter with a solid price, hitting at the top of the order. He is facing a terrible pitcher so I see why our algorithm likes him.

High Salary

Corey Dickerson – Very good hitter at all $4,000 at Coors, may be down in the order but he’s priced way too low for this matchup.

Adrian Gonzalez – Can not be priced high enough tonight given his skill as a hitter and the matchup.

Carlos Gonzalez – Priced even better on DraftKings, he’s way too good to be $4,500 tonight.

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