DraftKings Algorithmic Picks (8/14)

Low Salary
Points Per $1000PositionNameSalaryGameInfoPPD*Salary/1000Points Projection
3.4413179761B/3BRichie Shaffer2500TB@Tex 08:05PM ET4.301647478.603294939
3.2008168351BJustin Smoak2500NYY@Tor 07:07PM ET4.0010210448.002042088
3.092110449CJonathan Lucroy3300Phi@Mil 08:10PM ET4.44070554610.20396448
2.987007079OFPreston Tucker3300Det@Hou 08:10PM ET4.2897623239.85712336
High Salary
Points Per $1000PositionNameSalaryGameInfoPPD*Salary/1000Points Projection
2.216910616OFJustin Upton5700SD@Col 08:40PM ET4.18432702612.63639051
2.483571491OFMatt Kemp5000SD@Col 08:40PM ET4.39037560612.41785745
2.509594307OFRyan Braun4700Phi@Mil 08:10PM ET4.30122793911.79509324
2.096527152OFCarlos Gonzalez5500SD@Col 08:40PM ET3.88706537411.53089934

Low Salary

Richie Shaffer – I’m not sure that Shaffer is a very good hitter, but batting 2nd against a lefty when his team has a 4.5+ run projection puts him way up in our projections. And his price is ridiculous.

Justin Smoak – Until Smoak’s price rises, he’s doing to be consistently toward the top of our projections. $2,500 for him is criminal.

Jonathan Lucroy – Gets a lefty pitcher, hitting at the top of the order, and very reasonably priced at $3,300.

Preston Tucker – The Astros face a bad pitcher and Tucker is batting 2nd, but I think the big reason Tucker is projected so well is his price. $3,300 is way too low.

High Salary

Justin Upton – A great hitter like Upton facing a lefty at Coors is going to be well projected regardless of his price.

Matt Kemp – In the same boat as Upton, is facing a lefty and playing at Coors.

Ryan Braun – The Brewers play at a great park for hitters and Braun gets a dream match-up against a bad lefty.

Carlos Gonzalez – He’s got a high price, but playing against any right-hander at Coors is going to have Car-Gon projected highly and this is no exception. Tyson Ross is solid but Vegas has the Rockies scoring almost 5 runs.

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