How To Win At Daily Fantasy Sports Betting: The Basics

draftkingsWhen I first heard about Daily Fantasy Sports Betting (DFS), I knew I wanted to play but I was a little confused on exactly how it works. However, DFS is just like any fantasy sports game. You make a lineup of players from whatever sport you like and play against others. There are only a few differences between DFS and normal fantasy, but none are particularly difficult to comprehend. Here are the four main differences.

1. Contests usually only last one day. NFL contests often last Sunday and Monday, or Thursday to Monday, but they are an exception. Unlike normal fantasy sports, you are not locked in to a team for a season. You can make as many different lineups as you like using a plethora of different players. Your lineup will only apply to the scope of the contest, which again is usually just a day.

2. There is no fantasy draft. No one owns any given player. For example, even if another player in the same contest as you uses Kevin Durant or Lesean McCoy, you can still use him in your lineup. Even though this is the case, you’ll find that 99% of the lineups of other DFS with will be much different than yours.

3. Each fantasy game is like a poker tournament. You put up a certain amount of money to enter a tournament (most sites offer games costing as little as 25 cents), and you compete against other players who enter those same tournaments. The pay out depends on what type of contest you entered. The most common are guaranteed prize pool, where the website guarantees the amount of money that you will compete to win. 100’s or 1000’s of players enter these tournaments, about 20% of the players are paid out, and first usually recieves 10-15% of the prize pool. So as a toy example, a $10 buy in contest with 1000 entrants will have a $10000 prize pool, 200 players will cash and first will be $1500. Head to head is also a popular format, where you compete against just one other player. 50/50 is another, where half the field doubles their investment. To see what websites offer which games check out or website reviews on the right side of the homepage here at Daily Fantasy Winners.

4. Instead of drafting players, you have a salary cap allotted to you. Each player is assigned a salary each day based on a multitude of factors, mainly the amount of fantasy points they average in the current season or in the short past. The only rule you have to follow that is different than normal fantasy is you cannot go over the allotted salary cap, which means you may not be able to get every player you want. You will have to choose either all medium salary players or a mix of big and small salaries.

After you have found a contest you want to join and made a lineup that fits under the salary cap restrictions of that contest, all you have to do is enter. Once you enter you will still be able to change your lineup as you see fit, but once the first game starts of the day for that sport you won’t be able to make any changes. Some sites like Draftkings allow you to make any changes you want to your lineup at any time as long as that player’s game has not started yet. Once the game starts however that player is locked into your lineup.

Contests end when the last game of the day, or in the case of NFL when the week ends. Normally, the site will pay out winning lineups within the next few hours of the contest ending. Again, after a contest ends, you are not locked in to those players for a future contest. Your fantasy season essentially starts over.

There are many different DFS sites to choose from that offer different games and incentives for players. Check out our reviews on the sidebar of the home page for more information on those games.

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