Q: Why can’t I see any of the tools like the MLB player projections, NFL Sportsbook Projections, etc?


A: You must create an account with us (it’s free and takes 15 seconds) in order to access any of our tools. Once signed in, they should show up under the Tools tab on the header.


Q: What are all these tools?


A: They are spreadsheets designed to help you make winning fantasy lineups in any sport. We have several different tools for every sport will help you win. Our tools will help you find value plays, evaluate sports betting lines for fantasy relevance,  project individual player performance and a lot more.


Q: What do these tools tell me?


A: Various things depending on what spreadsheet you are looking at. Explanations of each tool are summarized at the top of that tools page. There are also sometimes articles that are written to help guide users on using those tools.


Q: How often are these spreadsheets updated?


A: The player projections tools, such as the baseball hitter projections, are updated everyday as relevant data comes out. The data on the tools may not be 100% accurate until an hour before games for the relevant sport start. There are always injuries or surprise lineup changes that no one can account for that will cause inaccuracies, but that is out of our control. Other spreadsheets will be updated sparsely because the data in them will rarely change.


Q: I don’t understand how this spreadsheet works…


A: Try to find an article that explains how the tool works. Or ask in the forums or contact us, we’d be glad to explain or make something clearer.


Q: Can these tools alone make me win at Daily Fantasy?


A: These tools are practically the only things we use when making our daily fantasy lineups, and most who use these tools have reported a lot of success betting on daily fantasy sports.


Q: I’d be interested in something being added to a spreadsheet…


A: Contact us or post on the forums, we would be glad to hear your input!


Q: I think these tools look good, but I have no idea how to play daily fantasy….


A: There are a lot of articles you will find on this website that will help you out. Look for articles titled “Daily Fantasy Baseball” or “How To Play Daily Fantasy Baseball” or replace baseball with any sport to get a run down on the basic aspects of making a daily fantasy lineup.


Q: When can I expect new tools to be added?


A: There isn’t a set time when we do this, but tools will continue to get added and refined as the seasons go along. Always remember to check back under the tools tab for new tools!

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