DraftStreet is known for having big fantasy championships, which isn’t a surprise considering their $2.5 million Fantasy Football Championship is awarding $1,000,000 for first place. But DraftStreet isn’t all show. They offer extremely accurate salaries, great roster flexibility, and a large player pool, as well as an intellectually challenging scoring system. Clearly, Draftstreet is one of the top Daily Fantasy websites out there.

Sports Offered: MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, CFB, CBB, PGA

Points: DraftStreet has similar scoring than most sites, with a few catches. Their focus is mainly on penalizing for bad plays instead of giving bonus points for good plays (like in Draftkings scoring system). For example, in NBA, DraftStreet penalizes each played .5 points for a missed free throw or a missed fg, and 1 full point for a turnover. This is opposed to almost every other site where turnovers are penalized .5 points and missed fgs don’t matter. It makes the scoring less intuitive which can be a benefit to you if you know how to take advantage of it.

Player Salaries: DraftStreet is very aggressive with updating their player salaries. It’s rare that you will find a player that is undervalued. However, the roster system on DraftStreet has multiple flex and utility spots, which allows you to pick players you want without the constraints of positions. If you’re not the type of person who is constantly checking injury updates, but you have a great feel for the game, DraftStreet is probably the site for you. DraftStreet has the most accurate salaries you can find online.

Website Layout: One of my only knocks on DraftStreet is that the website isn’t as well designed as some of their competitors. While you can export a roster onto several different tournaments, the functionality is slow. Also, the process of changing your roster over multiple games is slightly confusing. You can accomplish everything you need to win big on DraftStreet, but if you’re the type of player who likes entering a lot of tournaments, you’ll have a slightly difficult time with the software until you get the hang of it.

Promotions: DraftStreet has a $2.5 Million Fantasy Football Championship and a $500,000 Fantasy Basketball Championship, one of the biggest out there. They satellite players into these tournaments throughout the year, so even if you like to play small stakes you could win an entry to the championship for very little money. They also offer great reward promotions, where you can win vouchers for $22, $55, and higher tournaments just by playing. DraftStreet’s promotions are the best in the biz.

Bonus: DraftStreet offers a 100% deposit bonus up to $200, competitive with other sites. The bonus, like other sites, clears somewhat slowly but they offer a great rewards program with fun incentives along the way.

Deposit/Withdraw: Major credit cards and PayPal are accepted for deposit. Withdraw works through PayPal or receiving a check. Withdraws are usually received in a timely fashion and are processed on business days.

Rake: The rake is what you would expect – 10 percent for most contests. However, it does decrease with the higher-entry events.

Mobile: The site is mobile supported, but there is no app.

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Max J Steinberg Max Steinberg is a professional poker player and a top Daily Fantasy player who uses his creativity and mathematical abilities he cultivated as a poker player to win money on both DraftKings and FanDuel. He already has several big tournament scores to his name including the Victiv Bowl and countless MLB Monster wins. Follow him on twitter @maxjsteinberg.

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