Week 3 Game Reviews: Chiefs @ Dolphins and Redskins @ Eagles

Chiefs 34 – Dolphins 15


Ryan Tannehill – Tannehill wasn’t helped at all by the Dolphins receivers complete inability to catch anything in traffic, but he didn’t look great this week and I thought he looked terrible last week. He especially looked horrible in the 4th quarter, holding the ball too long and missing Mike Wallace on a deep ball. One would think this was the week for Tannehill to bounceback given he was at home, against a weak defense, and the Dolphins running game performing well for once, but even in this dream scenario he had a poor game. While it seems like rumors of his benching were unfounded (he was still practicing with the 1st team this week), it’s hard for me to play him. He should have great field position vs Oakland next week, but I’d prefer playing Lamar Miller or simply just the Miami defense.

Mike Wallace – I said last week that I thought Wallace looked great and he didn’t change my mind at all this week. He is a legit #1 receiver. His value is diminished by Tannehill’s terrible arm but I expect consistency out of Wallace every week.

Brian Hartline – Don’t be fooled by Hartline’s TD, he absolutely can not catch anything in traffic (he showed this last week as well) and I will avoid using him all season until he proves otherwise.

Charles Clay – He’s banged up and did not do anything in this game (aside from a few garbage time catches). Until he’s healthy, there’s no reason to use him.

Lamar Miller – Looked way better than last week against Buffalo (it’s possible the Bills rush D was better than I thought). Even with Daniel Thomas back, Miller was the Dolphins #1 back. That being said, KC’s D is bad and he had huge holes. But he has a dream matchup against the Raiders next week and he certainly is a viable play.

Dolphins D/ST – The Dolphins pass rush looked absolutely godly this week, forcing KC to change their entire gameplan so Alex Smith would not get killed. The rest of their defense is sadly mediocre, their linebackers missed several tackles on Davis and they did not look good stopping the run game or Mcknight out of the backfield. They have an great matchup against the Raiders next week, who’s terrible run game and rookie quarterback are a perfect match for the Dolphins D. They are certainly a top play on D/ST on both DraftKings and FanDuel. They also have the benefit of having a talented kick returner in Jarvis Landry who could easily take one to the house.


Alex Smith – Was under pressure constantly, sacked several times throughout the game including one late in the 3rd quarter for a safety. This was despite the fact Smith never threw the ball down field. I’m not sure if it was the Dolphins great pash rush, the KC o-line, or both, but Smith never had a chance. The fact he actually ended up with 186 yards and 3 TDs is astounding. I’m not sure when I’d ever use Smith for fantasy purposes, but he is not as terrible as his reputation suggests.

Knile Davis – He looked good and is an athletic and speedy RB. He can really make guys miss in space. PFF claims he had a terrible game but I think it was due to several negative plays and not his overall game. While he did have some nice holes, he created some extra yards with his athleticism. That being said, this whole argument is likely moot because Charles should be back next week, but if he’s not I think he’s a strong play depending on his price.

Dwayne Bowe – He may be KC’s best receiver but that doesn’t say much. He does not do anything that would warrant Alex Smith passing to him more and I’m staying away until I see something different.

Trevor Kelce – He has promise but doesn’t get enough targets to warrant using him in fantasy. Maybe later in the season, but not now.

Joe Mcknight – The box score really says it all, Mcknight caught several passes out of the backfield and lined up in the slot a few times. I don’t really think he’s a viable fantasy play but he’s worth mentioning since he’ll probably take away a bit from Charles when he comes back.

KC D/ST – Their linebackers and safeties were absolutely terrible defending Miami’s RBs especially catching out of the backfield. All their injuries have taken a toll on this D and against a better offense they would’ve been wrecked.

Redskins 34 – Eagles 37


Kirk Cousins – When I watched the Redskins game last week, I wrote that Cousins floor was high in this game but was not sure about his ceiling. Apparently, it was sky high. Cousins blew me away as he methodically picked apart the Eagles D and made several great throws. Two that come to mind are a pass in the 1st where he hit Niles Paul in stride for 30 yards up the sideline and another was the deep bomb to Desean Jackson in the 3rd quarter where Cousins threw it absolutely perfectly. It seems like Jay Gruden’s offense is going to favor the pass game going forward so it looks like Cousins is very much in play any week in a good matchup.

Pierre Garcon – This guy is just a reception machine and made several tough catches in this game. The Redskins don’t really target him much downfield and use him in the screen game a lot even though he’s not that great in it. Garcon doesn’t do anything that wows you, but he’s almost guaranteed to get 6-8 receptions a game. He’s always in play in fantasy, especially on DraftKings with PPR scoring.

DeSean Jackson – Jackson was clearly playing hurt this week and I didn’t think he would be much of a factor in this game but I was dead wrong, although I actually credit Cousins great throws more than Jackson for Jackson’s good game. I get the feeling he’ll be used more as a decoy tonight more than anything, but clearly is a great deep play threat going forward.

Andre Roberts – He’s talented but there just aren’t enough balls to go around. If Jackson or Garcon ever goes down, I think Roberts should step up nicely.

Niles Paul – This has now been 3 games in a row where Paul has performed well. He’s nothing special but will be targeted in the pass game so as long as Jordan Reed is out I feel safe targeting him, especially with better Quarterback play for Washington with Cousins at the helm.

Alfred Morris – I wasn’t sure if it were due to the O-line injuries in this game, but the Redskins offensive line did not block well for Morris at all. He still managed 80 yards and was a few yards away from a TD. Morris is not a guy who’s going to kill anyone with his speed but he’s a solid and powerful runner and is a great player to target going forward when Washington has a good matchup. Some people may be concerned that Roy Helu got a goal line run for a TD but that’s only because Helu is the 2 minute drill RB because of his ability to catch, so if you ever expect the Redskins to be playing from behind, do not use Morris.

Redskins D/ST – Before I get into the Defense, I want to mention that the Redskins are very bad on kick-offs. Their kicker just does not have the leg to kick it out of the endzone consistently, which means return men are going to get opportunities. Now onto the Redskins D. It looks as though through the 1st 3 games they have completely shored up their run D with the addition of Jason Hatcher and Keenan Robinson taking the now retired (thank god) London Fletcher’s place at MLB and performing very well. Mccoy was getting nowhere. Their Pass D is another story, however, their secondary is just terrible and should be even worse with the loss of Deangelo Hall. One thing the Eagles exploited was the Redskins defensive scheme that put Perry Riley on the slot receiver several times throughout the game. Riley is absolutely terrible in coverage and routinely let Jordan Matthews get open. I think targeting someone like Victor Cruz tonight could be huge.


Nick Foles – Foles is clearly more of a product of the system and the talent around him than a good quarterback. He missed some deep balls throughout the game and was merely ok with shorter passes, but ended up with great stats in the end. It doesn’t seem like it all matters for fantasy purposes, since regardless of how good or bad Foles actually is he’s going to have plenty of big games this season.

Jeremy Maclin – After this game, there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind this guy is the #1 receiver for the Eagles. He routinely got open deep downfield and keep in mind he probably would have had over 200 yards if it weren’t for a holding penalty negating an 80 yard TD. Foles also just missed him wide open on a deep bomb to start the 4th quarter. Maclin is an absolute beast and it looks like FanDuel has finally priced him fairly but DraftKings has him woefully underpriced at $6,300.

Riley Cooper – Cooper is officially in my dog house. He clearly overachieved last year since anyone with eyes can see that he’s not a talented receiver, does not get open, and has a dropping issue. I get the sense Jordan Matthews is going to get more looks over Cooper going forward.

Jordan Matthews – His 1st TD was completely a blown assignment by Redskins linebacker Perry Riley, who just let Matthews go by and was left wide open. The 2nd one was a great throw and catch. Matthew’s game was more of a product of the Redskins poor D and he wasn’t really targeted down the field, I wasn’t that impressed with him. That being said, this has got to do wonders for his confidence and the coaches confidence in him, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see Matthews emerge over the next few weeks.

Zach Ertz – Was not targeted at all until the very end the 1st half, and basically was a non-factor in this game. Many people felt this would be a breakout year for Ertz, especially after his great game against the Jaguars week 1. But, it seems like maybe he’s been overrated. The emergence of Jordan Matthews won’t help his cause.

Lesean Mccoy – Mccoy was concussed early and it may have affected him in this game. The Redskins run D also seems much improved. It’s not like Sproles did much in this game, so I feel like Mccoy is clearly still a top play going forward.

Darren Sproles – My brother and writer for DFW Danny Steinberg hated Sproles this week because he’s only been on the field for about 1/3 of the Eagles snaps prior to this game. He only got 1/4 of the snaps against the Redskins and that’s with Mccoy’s terrible game. Clearly, he’s not ever a played you want to use in heads ups and 50/50s but has the talent to have a big game every once in a while.

Cody Parkey – This kid is a legit kicker with a big leg and is a great play every week on the Eagles quick hitting offense.

Eagles D/ST – Their run D looked good but their pass D leaves a lot to be desired. While they are not terrible, they’re clearly a D to use WRs against going forward.

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