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Most of the decisions people make when choosing their fantasy lineups involve picking players playing against bad defenses or teams that give up a lot of fantasy points. Those are useful signals of good fantasy performances, but we can get much better signal when we paint a vivid picture of the fashion that teams and players have success against other teams or players. This article covers one facet of that picture: Which teams allow high field goal percentages within 5 feet of the basket.

I got all my info from player tracker. Anyone who seriously wants to play DFS whether on Draftkings, Draftstreet, or any DFS website really should be trying to extrapolate as much as they can from this awesome resource.

1. Minnesota

Both Kevin Love and Pekovic are not good rim protectors. They allow a 61% and 58% FG% respectively within 5 feet of the rim. Quite remarkable ineptness.

2. LA Clippers

The Jordan/Griffin combo is also quite pathetic, allowing a combined 55%.

3. Cleveland

While Bynum is relatively solid, Thompson and Varejao combine for the worst front court in the league in this category, allowing 60%. If Bynum is out, target this group.

4. New Orleans

Davis is unsurprisingly one of the best rim protectors in the league. Jason Smith and Ryan Anderson on the other hand are two of the worst. While Davis is out, look at New Orleans.

5. Charlotte

Al Jefferson allows a 60% FG% at the rim. Being a high minute center I think that’s significant enough to add Charlotte to this list.

How do I use this information?

It’s unclear how this information should be used, so you should ponder it yourself and see if you can come to some useful conclusions. One thing that does come to mind is bad rim protectors should be easy points for people who drive to the basket a lot, especially those who aren’t particularly skilled at it. Guys like Jeff Teague, Westbrook, Lillard, and Jennings all fit that mold. They have a lot of drives per game but only have FG% in the 30’s when they do so. PF and Centers who tend to play close to the basket like Demarcus Cousins and Al Horford also seem like good targets against these teams. Overall, it seems like who you want to target vs these teams are players who tend to get most of their points in the paint.

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