Week 3 Game Summaries: GB @ DET and DEN @ SEA

As always, Daily Fantasy Winners is bringing you in-depth reviews of every game of the past week. This article covers the Packers @ Lions and the Broncos @ Seahawks.




Lions 19 – Packers 7


Game Summary – Completely contrary to expectations, Packers @ Lions was a very slow game overall, with both the Lions and the Packers pass rushes creating drive killing sacks and throw-aways. The game never really felt close and the Lions pulled away in the 2nd half on the back of a great game by Reggie Bush.

Beyond the Box Score – Rodgers stats suggest a poor game but the running game, his receivers, and the offensive line we’re the main reason for his struggles.




Matt Stafford – There are two ways to evaluate Stafford’s game. We can look at it from a football perspective or we can look at it from a fantasy perspective. From a football perspective, Stafford looked bad forcing a lot of balls to Johnson in double and triple coverage and he had poor decision making overall. I do not believe he’s a great QB. From a fantasy perspective, there’s no reason to think he won’t have big games in the future. He’s always been a little bit of a gun-slinger and sometimes it costs him and sometimes he’s rewarded with a huge game. He was under pressure a lot throughout the game and ended up checking down to Bush several times. He also just was inaccurate on several of his deep passes. It seemed like Stafford simply had an off game overall and I expect him to have good stats against the Jets in week 4.

Joique Bell – I was shocked watching how the Lions used Bell after watching the their game last week. Riddick actually got a carry before Bell did and Bell basically was a ghost. While he actually ended up with the same amount of runs as Bush that stat is a little deceptive, he was used at the end of the game several times which padded his touches. Given that he struggled against Carolina who allowed over 250 yards rushing at home on Sunday he clearly just isn’t a great runner (but we already knew that). Until I watch more Lions games, it will be hard for me to predict Bell’s usage going forward, but for now I don’t recommend using him especially against the Jets next week.

Reggie Bush – Had first run of the game, and ran on the 2nd series as well before Bell even got in the game. Bush got open consistently in the pass game and was targeted several times. His TD in the 2nd half was just a simple run off the left-tackle where there was just wide-open space to the endzone, nothing special on his part. I was surprised how well Bush did considering his poor performance week 2, and like Bell it’s hard to predict when he’ll have a big game. My guess is it won’t be against the Jets next week.

Calvin Johnson – Was routinely covered by 3 players especially when he went deep. He didn’t do a lot in this game but there’s no reason to think he isn’t in play in any matchup. I absolutely love him against a banged up Jets secondary.

Golden Tate – Was targeted several times and actually was on the field more than Johnson (59 of 75 plays to the 57 of Johnson). That being said, I was surprised how often Ross and Fuller were used, so I’m not as high on Tate as I was before. Still, he’s been one big play away from a big game in all 3 games this year, and is still very cheap on both DraftKings and Fanduel. He also has a great matchup next week against the Jets. I’ll be using him a bit on both sites.

Lions D/ST – The Lions have a great run D and pass rush, they played very well in this game and seem underrated by the media. They are only -1.5 @ the Jets next week, but I feel like their D should get several sacks and force some mistakes from Geno Smith. I absolutely would consider using them next week in the D/ST slot.




Aaron Rodgers – Rodgers was under pressure almost every time he dropped back. The Packers passing game really struggled, but I feel it was the fault of the entire offense and not really Rodgers. He’s still is a top QB going forward especially for fantasy purposes.

Eddie Lacy – The Packers ran twice to start both drives so they clearly are committed to the run. However, Starks was getting more play than I expected. He was in the game for 6 straight plays late in the 1st on the Packers lone TD drive, so if you thought his role was mostly to just give Lacy a breather (something I expected before I saw this game), you were dead wrong. While he looks like a solid runner and really did not see many holes against a solid Lions D, he’s downgraded in my eyes until it becomes clear he’s the #1 RB (if that ever happens).

Jordy Nelson – Didn’t get a ton of targets early but is no doubt a very talented receiver. Nothing happened in this game that would sway me from using Nelson in the future.

Randall Cobb – Cobb actually got more targets than Nelson in the 1st half. My sense is Cobb is 1b and Nelson is 1a and is not really a #2. That being said, PFF’s stats suggest Cobb played poorly and Nelson played much better so maybe my eyes are deceiving me here.

Jarrett Boykin – Two targets, two drops in the 1st half. Until he shows something, I will not be using him.

Davante Adams – Barely was targeted and did not have the breakout game some were expecting. I’m not going to use Adams until I see more from him.

Andrew Quarless – Before the season started, some felt like Quarless was going to take the Jermichael Finley role on the team. He was a disappointment in week 1 and 2, but had a solid game week 3 catching 4 balls on 5 targets and scoring a TD. I think he could be a nice sleeper going forward against a defense poor against TEs, and I would not hesitate to use him in GPPs.

GB D/ST – Their Pass Rush seems quite good with the addition of Julius Peppers, but they got absolutely gashed by Bush and the run D seems poor overall (as I expected to see coming into this game). Couldn’t get the Lions off the field at the end of the game. They should only be targeted in the juiciest of matchups.


Broncos @ Seahawks


Game Summary – A game mostly dominated by the Seahawks went into overtime when Peyton Manning lead the Broncos 80 yards in 40 seconds with no time outs to tie the game. It was all for naught though as the Seahawks won the toss and Russell Wilson methodically lead them down the field for a TD that ended with a short Lynch run.

Beyond the Box Score – This game was not as close as it seems. The Broncos were dominated the whole game and their offense once again looked overmatched by a strong Seattle D. What may surprise some is that the Broncos D kept them in this game and they looked stout.




Russell Wilson – There’s not much to say about Wilson that we don’t already know, he’s simply a smart, solid QB. The only thing I’d like to add is that his skills seem to make him matchup proof, he is just unbelievably good in the two-man game when he rolls out with a receiver.

Marshawn Lynch – Lynch looked completely normal (meaning, ridiculously good) despite the back injury. Was surprised how many looks he got in the pass game. He’s easy to target when Seattle is at home and is one of the best RBs in the NFL.

Percy Harvin – I was very interested to see how the Seahawks use Harvin in general. He was targeted exclusively in the short passing game, with (I guess) the plan of letting him do his thing with space. But the Broncos were good enough to stop him from any big plays. Because of his propensity for short routes, my sense is his big games are not going to come in tough matchups like this, but against a soft D like the Cowboys, Jaguars, etc. He has a Bye in week 4, but could be a great target against a terrible Washington secondary in week 5.

Doug Baldwin – He got a surprising amount of targets, and Baldwin is clearly the #2 option on the team. I was surprised to see that he was actually was on the field for 70 out of 80 plays. He may be worth a play in GPPs if you’re looking for a min salary guy and like Harvin, should be a viable play against the Redskins.

Sea D/ST – They are clearly one of the top 5 defenses in the NFL. They are so hard to play against at home, I wouldn’t hesitate to use their D on FanDuel or DraftKings against any offense, as long as they are in Seattle.




Peyton Manning – I saw several people on twitter commenting on how bad Manning looked, so I was interested to re-watch this game and see how he did. His throws did look wobbly and he missed some open receivers, but he was under duress all game and he was facing the best team in the NFL at the hardest stadium to play at in the NFL. I agree with everyone that he looked very bad aside from the final drive, but every QB looks bad in Seattle. I’m reserving judgment until next week.

Demaryius Thomas – Well, this is his 3rd straight disappointing game and I didn’t see anything specifically bad from him (the targets he didn’t catch were for the most part bad passes). Thomas had two very good catches in traffic at the end of regulation, one of which completed the 2-point conversion and tied the game. The only thing I can really say is Sanders seems to be Manning’s new favorite target. I’ll be curious to see if Thomas actually will improve with Welker back since he may be able to get more open looks.

Emmanuel Sanders – Manning loved going to Sanders early, he had 4 catches 10 minutes into the 1st quarter. He ended up with 15 targets and 11 catches for 149 yards. It’s amazing how someone could have so much chemistry with a QB in a new system. Welker’s return, however, should hurt his value. But it may not be as much as one would expect and I still like him for the right price.

Julius Thomas – This was not a good matchup for him and he was rarely targeted but did get a red zone target early. Also got that nice shovel-pass TD late but overall he did not get many looks. With Welker back I thought his overall value would go down and it clearly has.

Wes Welker – Played sparingly in the 1st quarter, then played a lot in the 4th. Managed 9 targets playing about half the game and looked in-sync with Manning. I have no doubts that he will immediately become a viable fantasy play and you should not hesitate to use him in week 4.

Montee Ball – Ball did not inspire confidence from his coaches by fumbling early, but they stuck with him anyway. He didn’t do anything to impress me and frankly killed Denver’s offense. Toward the end of the game, Denver started using Hillman. I absolutely cannot recommend him in any match-up.

Den D/ST – Clearly improved especially in the front 7. Had a goal line stand against Lynch early and contained him in the 1st half. They have clearly improved all-around and could actually seem myself using them against some bad offenses, something that would have been unheard of last year.

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