Three Under the Radar QB/WR Combos

We released our consensus top plays for both Draftkings and Fanduel yesterday. While I feel the players on those lists are the top dollar for dollar plays of the week, the rankings don’t take into account important tournament concepts like usage. Finding great, low-used players is essential to winning any tournament, and if you can find a low-used QB/WR combo, you generate a big edge on the field. Here are some under the radar combos I like for big field tournaments tomorrow.


Andy Dalton/A.J. Green (Best price DraftKings: $12,600 total)

It looks almost certain that AJ Green returns this weekend. Everyone is afraid of his toe limiting him, but he’s still AJ Green and even at 80%, he’s very good. And it’s not like the Bengals would bring him back too early to face a team like the Jaguars. Everyone will be on Jeremy Hill this weekend, which means Dalton and Green will be wildly underused. People forget that when Green was healthy, the Bengals were actually one of the top passing offenses in the league early in the season, so it’s not a stretch to think Dalton and Green could have a big day even in a blowout. People foolishly assume there will be lots of running and not a lot of passing in this game because it should be so lopsided, but I doubt the Bengals are going to rush Jeremy Hill 30 times. Dalton and Green should get enough opportunities to have a big game here.


Brandon Weeden/Dez Bryant (Best price FanDuel: $13,800 total)

Its becoming more and more certain that Tony Romo isn’t going to play this weekend (and with an early start time, we’ll know for sure in time to change our lineups). Weeden doesn’t have the best reputation but with the talent around him and a great matchup he should have a solid game, and he doesn’t need to do much to out-perform his minimum salary. Most players will stay away from Bryant this weekend with Weeden throwing to him, but we’ve actually found that backup QBs usually rely on their best receiver when thrown into the starting job. I don’t think Romo’s absence downgrades Bryants value much. The best part of this combo is the cost, they leave you enough salary to easily pay up for players like Gronk and Antonio Brown. And in the end, I wouldn’t be surprised if Weeden has a better game than most QBs this weekend.


Eli Manning/Rueben Randle (Best price FanDuel: $14,000 total)

The Giants offense and Manning have looked awful the past couple of weeks, but you should never give too much weight to road performances. The Giants are at home vs a tough Colts team but Las Vegas Sportsbooks are projecting them to score 24 points. Andre Williams and the Giants run game has done little the past few weeks, so most of their points are going to have to come through the air. With Victor Cruz going down, Randle is now the #1 receiver and even though Odell Beckham has been getting all the TDs, Randle is still the Giants most targeted receiver in the redzone. Manning almost certainly will throw a few TDs in this game, and I think Randle should pick up at least one of them.

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