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This week we have a few divisional matchups, the juiciest being Redskins at Cowboys on Monday night. We also have Houston and Tennessee, as well as a probable low scoring affair between the Jets and the Bills, and lastly the Ravens at the Bengals.

Redskins at Cowboys

Game 1

Game 2

Not a lot to report from these games. The only consistent solid performer was Pierre Garcon, who had one 11/144/1 performance and was the Redskins leading receiver in the other game. The Redskins secondary is decimated this year though and with the Cowboys projected for nearly 30 points basically everyone on their team is in play.


Houston at Tennessee

Game 1

Game 2

Again, not many repeat great performances. The Texans passed the ball a large amount for these games being so close, and DeAndre Hopkins had one 7/117/1 game as a result, but failed to follow up with anything good. The Titans also ran the ball a large amount, with a 69/54 run/pass ratio.  Chris Johnson was the lead running back then, but the running back situation is so muddled this year its hard to want to pick anyone in the Titans backfield. If Shonn Greene is out, you may want to take another shot at Bishop Sankey.


Bills at Jets

Game 1

Game 2

The Jets were really the only team that had any fantasy successes. The Jets had surprising success running the ball on a stout Bills run defense, getting nearly 150 yards from Bilal Powell Game 1, and getting nearly 100 yards and a TD Game 2 from Chris Ivory. I think with Harvin in the mix this week providing misdirection in the backfield, we should see success with Ivory in the running game.

Ravens at Bengals

Game 1 (From this season)

From the Bengals side, Andy Dalton passed for 300 yards and a TD, but this was with AJ Green playing. Gio Bernard had only 3.4 yards per carry, but had 6 catches for 62 yards on 10 targets. No one else had a notable game. On the Ravens side, Joe Flacco passed it 62 (!!) times for 345 yards, with Justin Forsett running the ball effectively on 11 carries for 70 yards and a TD. The Ravens were down 15 at the end of the 1st half which explains all the passing. Steve Smith had a spectacular game with 7 catches for 118 yards and a TD on 15 targets. Dennis Pitta and Owen Daniels had success, but they are both out this game sadly.

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