Why You Should Play Daily Fantasy NBA

Learning another sport for daily fantasy is a daunting task. It may feel like it’s not worth it to expand to other sports after spending so much time and energy learning NFL strategy. However, for people who really want to excel at daily fantasy, it’s important that you play not just the NFL games, but also the NBA games that will be going on for the next several months.

The Strategy Concepts Crossover

When I played poker for a living, I played head-to-head Texas Hold’em exclusively. I never focused a lot on learning another poker game such as Omaha or 5 Card Draw, but I also am a winner in my career in both Omaha and 5 Card Draw. Why? Because the concepts of Texas Hold’em are fundamentally the same concepts of any other type of poker. Once you learn one game, your overall skills in hand reading, game theory, and probabilities also help you excel at other poker games.

I had the same experience when I was in the financial industry. If you have a winning trading strategy in one type of financial product, that strategy will most likely work well in a multitude of other products.

For people with little or no experience in NBA daily fantasy, it may seem like your going to be a beginner all over again. The reality is the winning concepts and strategies in DFS, just like in poker and trading, are universal across all the major sports. With the NFL, you use sportsbook lines, injury impact, matchups, correlations, workload, and other factors to find good plays and make great lineups. With the NBA, it’s the exact same concepts, just with more emphasis on some factors than others and a few different wrinkles. You will also be better next NFL season by learning winning strategies in daily fantasy NBA, as the strategic concepts you learn in daily fantasy NBA will help you understand NFL daily fantasy better.

You May Not Like A Sport, But Like The Daily Fantasy Aspects Of It

Last year, after the NBA season ended, I thought I would never play daily fantasy MLB. For one, I’ve never actually played baseball, so I thought figuring out how to beat the game would be difficult. Also, baseball is my least favorite sport out of the 4 major American sports, so I thought playing daily fantasy baseball would be painfully boring.

But as I started reading about MLB DFS, I started to become really fascinated with the strategies people used. MLB does have a lot of the same concepts as NFL and NBA, but it is more statistically intensive. Coming from a background in statistical analysis and algorithmic trading, MLB actually suited my interests and my skill set more than any other DFS sport. I didn’t like watching baseball or playing baseball, but MLB daily fantasy is both my favorite game and my best game.

Side note: For those of you who haven’t been to our site during the MLB season, be sure to check out our algorithmic projections in April, which are the best MLB projections you’ll find anywhere.

NBA Games Are Extremely Profitable 

While the NFL season only has 17 weeks of good daily fantasy games, the NBA has games nearly everyday. The sheer volume of games makes NBA daily games as profitable as the NFL game with much lower variance.

NBA daily fantasy also has a bigger gap between the skill of a novice player and the skill of an expert player. Injuries happen so often and are so impactful to fantasy performances that someone who is paying close attention to news or doing intensive research is going to roll out much better lineups than a novice in any given day. A large amount of late injury news also means that you will often see novice players have lineups with one or more players who aren’t even playing that day. When you run into players making those mistakes, it becomes very easy to win.


  • The strategies you learned for daily fantasy NFL will also be effective for daily fantasy NBA, with more emphasis on some concepts like injury impact, and less emphasis on sportsbook projections or O/U lines.
  • Even if you’re not currently a fan of the NBA, you may find you enjoy playing daily fantasy NBA and that the genre fits your skill set more than NFL.
  • Because NBA games are much more frequent and require a lot of daily research, NBA daily fantasy games will be more profitable with less variance than NFL. NBA DFS also has a bigger gap in skill between expert players and novices.


To get started with daily fantasy NBA, read our Daily Fantasy Basketball 101 article and look for lots of NBA strategy content coming everyday at DFW. Also, come on over to the basketball forum and participate in strategy discussions to get your daily fantasy NBA career going.

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