NFL Must Plays Draftkings Week 15

Only 3 weeks away from the end of the NFL regular season. That means only a few more meaningful days of NFL DFS. Next week we have the $1500 Fantasy Millionaire Grand Final on Draftkings, a 3.1 million guaranteed prize pool tournament where first will win $1 million dollars. With that going on next week the Sunday 200 grand has changed to an 100 grand tournament and they have added a Fantasy Millionaire MEGAqualifier with 150 tickets guaranteed. So if you can’t afford the $1500 buy in for the Millionaire the qualifier is a great way to get your shot.

QB/WR Combo

Kirk Cousins $5400 and Pierre Garcon $6000

I’m going to tout the fact that I am a die hard Redskins fan so I know this team very well. One thing that has been clear to me this season: RG3 has been terrible. Don’t get me wrong, RG3 was fantastic last year. As much as people think Shanahan has been BSing, the benching of RG3 has been completely justified. He’s been awful. The Redskins offense is actually pretty good. Alfred Morris is a terrific running back, our offense line has great pass protection, and Pierre Garcon is a fantastic WR. When Cousins has played he has looked very good. He’s a decisive QB with a quick release and a great attitude.
The matchup with the Falcons this week alone is very encouraging. The Falcons have one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL this year. With the Redskins being on the road the chances of falling behind increase and therefore we should see a lot of passes from “The Couz.” Very easy pick this week. Garcon is a beast but he’s the pick this week probably moreso because the other WR’s on the Skins are such trash.

Matt Ryan $7500 and Roddy White $5900

The Redskins defense is just flat out pathetic. Roddy White has come back from being injured so Draftkings tends to be slow catching up to pricing. The past two weeks White has had 18 catches for 227 yards, so it finally seems like hes getting healthy. Both Ryan and White were awesome last year, the problem is that White has been injured and the O-line has frankly been terrible. The Redskins do not have the greatest pass rush, so expect Ryan to do a lot better this week than he has all season.

Chris Ogbonnaya $3000

I don’t particularly like Chris Ogbonnaya. Frankly, I think he isn’t a very good player. But with McGahee out this week, Ogbonnaya and Fozzy Whittaker are going to be a two headed attack rather than the typical three headed attack. Ogbonnaya is slightly better of a runner of the two despite being a terrible blocker and not so good in the pass game so I’d choose him over Whittaker.
If the Browns were facing a good run defense I wouldn’t play Ogbonnaya. The problem is the Browns are playing the Bears, the absolute, by an incredibly wide margi,n worst Run defense in the league. You can’t really get any better, when it comes to mispricing, than an amazing matchup and an injury. The Browns normally don’t get a running game going but expect them to be effective this week.

Lesean McCoy $8300

People don’t realize how good this guy really is. He blew up against DET last week running for 200 yards and 2 tds, and that was against a very good run defense. While the Vikings have a stout defensive line against the run, they have a terrible back 7 against the run. That should bode well for McCoy, who tends to be most dangerous when he makes people miss in space. The Eagles should really blow out this Vikings team so that should be another factor in favor of starting McCoy.

Tony Gonzalez $5500

Gonzalez has been quite average this year if you discount the huge 12 catch 150 yard 2 td performance against the Patriots week 4. But he draws a great matchup against some bad Redskin’s linebackers to try to cover him all game. The Redskins have not been passed on very much this year since they’ve fell behind from the very beginning of nearly every game they have played. But against a lowly Falcons team expect a better performance. That should mean more passing for the Falcons, and more success for Gonzalez. Gonzalez is not by any means an amazing play this week, I would not force him into your lineup. But there aren’t many great TE picks this week, so I found Gonzalez to be the best of the bunch.


Ryan Succop $3200

My formula for kickers is pretty simple. Take a team with an inept offense but a much better special teams than the team their facing. That means a team thats going to get great field position and fail to score touchdowns. The Chiefs perfectly pull that off this week, as Oakland has a bottom 5 special teams and the Kansas City offense is as inept as they come.


Carolina Panthers $4300

It was hard for me to choose the Seahawks or the Panthers this week. But when you’re facing Geno Smith it’s really hard to say no to any defense, let alone the Panthers defense who is one of the best in the NFL. The Panthers also have a great kick and punt returner in Ted Ginn, who has not had a touchdown this year but has been very effective in the return game. Expect a huge game from this defense. They are worth paying up for.

Good luck all!

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