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Every week, our writers go to our forums and write a list of plays they like (based on FanDuel salaries). They aren’t official rankings, but are a nice start for players looking to have a discussion about good plays from week-to-week. You can find the discussion here, and all you need to do to participate is take a minute to sign up for a free account at Daily Fantasy Winners. Nick and I released our rankings yesterday, and wrote our thoughts about the other’s rankings.


What player in the other person’s rankings do you disagree with the most?


Max Steinberg: I completely disagree with Ryan Tannehill in tier 2. Tannehill has had a stretch of nice games, but he’s been wildly inconsistent in his career. A stretch like this has happened before. These last 3 games have all been against bad defenses in Oakland, Green Bay, and Chicago and he’s only produced 24 points in his best game. He’s been running a bit, which helps, but I can’t count on him to continue to produce these passing numbers. His price at $8,400 is just way too high.

Nick Juskewycz: Eric Decker – It’s hard for me to agree with putting a WR on the 31st-passing offense who is barely second on his team in receptions (only 24 on the year) as a top-tier play. Decker’s price is certainly reasonable at $6,300, but his upside is very limited with Geno Smith throwing to several others. I would much rather go for someone on the second-tier around that price with higher upside, such as Torrey Smith or James Jones.


What pick from the other person did you see that initially surprised you, but found after that you really liked the pick?


Nick: Mark Ingram – I have been pretty high on Ingram this year (before his injury) while he wasn’t a very popular play for most. Now that he’s back into the mix and didn’t do much last week, I figured you wouldn’t list him at all, but you probably saw what I saw. Pierre Thomas is out, Ingram clearly gets a majority of the carries and is going against a weak Packers rush D at home as a favorite. The Saints OL is also doing a great job in run blocking this year.

Max: Carson Palmer – I have him in my tier 1 of QBs but I was hesitant to put him in. When I saw Nick’s rankings, I saw Palmer was 1 of only 3 QBs he ranked in tier 1. I went back and looked at Palmers stats and he’s been pretty consistent this season, and none of his matchups were especially juicy (aside from the Redskins one, but he didn’t practice all week). His matchup with the Eagles is incredible for him and passing for 250 yards and 2-3 TDs seems incredibly likely, which is great production from someone who costs only $7,400.

Is there one player you want to emphasize in your own rankings?


Max: Jamaal Charles – I think he’ll be overlooked this week since he’s up there with DeMarco Murray and Forte, but I love him and his matchup this week. The Rams are run on more than any team in the NFL aside from Oakland, so Charles seems like an incredibly safe play. But we also know from last year how much upside Charles has, when he scored 5 total TDs in week 15 against Oakland. I just think he’ll be played way less than he should.

Nick: T.Y. Hilton/Reggie Wayne – Assuming Wayne plays, these guys are obviously the two main targets. Hilton is more the deep threat while Wayne is more of an overall WR (although they are both pretty much good at everything). One thing to note about Pittsburgh is that opponents are constantly picking on Coretz Allen, who always lines up on the left side of the field (from the defensive point of view). Allen has been burned multiple times this season, and William Gay has improved (but still average). I think the Colts will likely put Hilton against Allen, and they will target him often. Although, Hilton will be used a lot more than Wayne given their recent performances. If you’re doing GPPs, you should certainly play both as they have outstanding upside one way or the other.

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