NBA Big Wednesday: Must Plays Draftkings Dec 18th

12 games tonight! This is going to be a night where there is going to be too much value, so probably a good opportunity to roll out a few lineups in the big gpps. I’m doing heavy research today so you can set yourself apart from the regular DFS Joes.

Victor Oladipo $6200

Oladipo has been quiet as of late, with a lot of 20 fantasy point games against slow paced good defensive teams. His salary has come back to earth a bit which is helpful. This is a sole matchup play as there aren’t any injuries on Orlando, but I really, really like the matchup. Oladipo is an aggressive, unpolished offensive player. He’s gonna struggle against elite defenses but against the worst defense in the league in terms of efficiency in Utah he should be very effective. He shouldn’t be a lineup staple or built around but he is a solid pick.

Luol Deng $6800

I always look through Draftkings to see if they have some wonky salaries. Deng is one of them as he’s been on and off injured. $6800 is just way too low for a guy who basically averages 40 fppg without D. Rose. Easy pick.

Damian Lillard $7700

Lillard went 8-12 from three point land last game so people are definitely going to overrate his 67 point effort. That being said he had success in all the big 3 stat categories. Cleveland has a lot of similarities to Minnesota in the sense they are some of the worst rim protectors in the league as shown in this article. Lillard drives to the hoop a lot but isn’t that successful. Expect a lot more success against the inept Love and Pekovic front court.

Blake Griffin $8700

Griffin gets matched up against a terrible New Orleans defense. I really like this matchup with Anderson. Griffin is such a great athlete, he’s the sort of guy who will thrive away from the basket where Anderson will pull him. He also will have no trouble offensively getting around Anderson where Jason Smith will probably get posterized. Again, another sole matchup play but a good one.

Beno Udrih $3000

Prigioni and Felton are out so Udrih should see 30+ minutes. It’s quite annoying hes matched up against the Bobcats. Both teams are so slow this should be quite a low scoring affair. However, with two injuries to consider Udrih is too good value to pass up.

Paul Millsap $8200

Millsap draws a Kings matchup where previously he went for over 50 fantasy points. I don’t think there’s too much noise there as the matchup makes a lot of sense. Millsap is going to guard Jason Thompson who isn’t a great offensive player which will give him free reign to roam around and get a couple steals like the 4 he got last time. Horford also gets a really tough matchup in Cousins which will create less opportunities for him in the post. Millsap seems to thrive against bad defenses and Sacramento is about as bad as they come.

D.J Augustin $3400

Chicago has a truly fantastic matchup against Houston who is a poor defense and a fast paced team. With Hinrich out Marquis Teague is the starter but he has really done absolutely nothing in his time. Augistin on the other hand has shined, shooting the ball 15 times last game and scoring 8 assists in 37 minutes. I really would not be remotely surprised if Augistin gets the start tonight. Best pick of the night for sure, revolve your lineups around him.

There are a ton of guys to like tonight, but these are my favorites. Make sure you do your own research to supplement these picks and good luck tonight!

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